Some good generic campaigns to help you get organised!


Fantasy NPCs - Need new link
Fantasy Monsters and Fights - Need new link
Fantasy Locations - Need new link

Sci-Fi Alien Locations -
Sci-Fi Space Locations -
Sci-Fi Monsters and Fights -
Modern Locations -


I now have some more general campaigns! I’ve done all of the Adventure Paths, as well as a few other stand-alone modules that had multiple sound sets.

I’ve also done a series of location-themed “Emergency Adventure Sessions.” i.e. You have your group coming over, you’ve totally spaced on what to do, but you know you’re going to be in a city/forest/on a ship. They are combinations of location sounds and monsters that might conceivably be in that area. For example, the Town/City set had Bridle Town, Mangimar (city), Friendly Tavern, Tavern Brawl, but also Sewer, Dire Rat, Lycanthrope Stalker, Grimple, a Red Dragon city attack, basically a collection of places and things you might find in a town or city. The other follow the same vein, though I did separate the Dungeon ones into high-level play and low-level play.


Adventure Paths and Modules
Strange Aeons -
Bandit’s Cave -
Shadow’s Dungeon -
Mask of Death -
Hell’s Rebels -
Dragon’s Demand -
Rise of the Runelords -

Emergency Adventure Sessions (Some of these also contain sets from both Sci-Fi and Fantasy Players)
Seas -
Swamps and Jungles -
Deserts -
Mountains -
Forests & Fields -
Town/City -
High-Level Dungeon -
Low-Level Dungeon -

Present-Day City -
Space Travel and Exploration -
Future City -


These are fantastic! Thanks so much @HECook :smile:

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Hey, Mr. Loomis, The links you posted (or most of them) go to page not found. Could we get updated links?

Hmmm… thanks for the heads up @Lindsay_jarratt ay_jarratt :smile:
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Well, here they are again!

Fantasy NPCs -
Fantasy Monsters and Fights -
Fantasy Locations -

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Just so all know, I am updating the various campaigns to include new content. So The Thrushmoor Terror sets that just came out were added to Strange Aeons, Street Battle was added to Present-Day City, etc. I also occasionally tweak the others if I realize I’ve missed an obvious edition (like I realized that the Present-Day City could get some use out of the Casino set from the Boardgame player…)

There are also a couple more new ones I put together:

Music (pure tunes) -
Cthulhu Mythos (all Cthulhu-related things, including the new Steam Train) -
Fear and Horror (when you just need to scare the pants off of people and aren’t picky how) -

OMCthulhu, you are amazing @HECook!

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Updated the campaigns with the new content:
Priest of Razmir and Tavern Keep added to NPCs

Nylarathotep and Mountains of Madness to Cthulhu Mythos

Also added Sewer and Nylarathotep to Present-Day City, as somehow gamers always end up in the Sewer eventually (and sewers are fairly consistent across time for most sounds) and Nylarathotep has some great “abandoned underground tunnel” sounds to it. Added the 2017 Car Chase too.

Did a few other tweaks in a couple other places, I’m pretty sure.

I also did a new campaign, Old-Timey Things.
With the influx of Cthulhu and Cthulhu-inspired sets, there are enough sets now that are not modern, but also not fantasy-medieval. These include Cthulhu Rockport I & II, 1920s Car Chase, Steam Train to Salem, Mountains of Madness (dog sledding, snow shoeing), Sea Monsters (for ship sounds), Cthulhu Rises (ditto), and Beach Cove (fairly universal - ship’s horns haven’t changed a great deal).


Thanks again @HECook! Did we mention you are awesome :smile:

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The Dreams of the Yellow King have been added to the Strange Aeons in all its lovely weirdness.

Tiger Battle, Gug Battle, and Debauched Gala are in Monsters & Fights (even Gala has some screaming and fighting and rioting and whatnot).

Debauched Gala is also in Town/City Session.

Tiger Battle is also in both Forests & Fields and Swamp/Jungle (depending if your tiger is the “hide in the long grass” variety or the Shere Khan variety).

Gug Battle is also in both High-Level Dungeon and Low-Level Dungeon, being as the Gug sounds (and the varied wet/dry environments for the fights) could be the Gug-monster itself, a choker, a chull, a flesh golem, a twisted magical mutant, or something similar.


Thanks once again, Holly!

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All right all right! Catching up on the newest batch of soundsets…

Voornith Battle and Nightgaunt Battle have been added to Fantasy Monsters and Fights.
River Journey has been added to Locations: Fantasy as well as the Forests and Fields campaign. (Frankly, I’d also happily use a Voornith in a Sci-Fi campaign too - it certainly sounds weird enough!)

The Starfinder ships are in their own campaign now, call, appropriately, Starfinder Ships:

Docking Bay 94 is in both Space Places as well as Sci-Fi Monsters and Fights. If we end up with more soundsets for “Incident at Absolom Station”, I’ll put it there too.

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Hey, tried to import this today, and when I look in my app, the only one to choose from is Hell’s Rebels. Any fixes? Edit: The Music Campaign.

Hey @Soychi, all of the Starfinder content is in the sci-fi player by default so make sure you are checking in the right player.

Sorry I’m not at my PC at the minute so can’t check your subscription, but you will need to either have a Sci-fi Adventure Path sub or a Supersyrin Sub for HECooks latest campaign list to work.

I think this is because the music might be community content? Or SuperSyrin only?