Better Search and Customization Options


I’ve got some suggestions for you, but first of all, let me just thank you for this absolutely amazing and wonderful tool. Its just lovely. Having said that, there are some issues I’ve got with it and would like to suggest some things which would, in my opinion, further enhance this app to make it even greater, as application is right now sometimes not 100% convenient or quick to use, which can be an issue during especially intense parts of game sessions. Btw, please, excuse my english, which surely isn’t flawless. Now, lets get to suggestions, shall we?

  1. Its often hard to find what is one looking for. I’d really welcome some small search window. Something like “Search for keyword: - in soundset names/mood names/track names/combinations of these”. This would make searching for stuff a lot, lot easier. Try to type “dragon” into search box, you’ll get just spam of unneccesary results. But what if you want to just get a list of “dragon” tracks to quickly put together 2-3 “dragon” tracks and just add them to currently running mood? Not very quick or convenient to do right now.

  2. It would be lovely to be able to get to some kind of panel/window where only currently running tracks were displayed. When putting custom moods together, one usually ends up with track from many soundsets put together. This can become quite a problem during game session, as for example, you want to keep most of ambience running, but want to tune down or completely turn off some particular track. But that can be done only if you know where is that particular track. If you are using tracks from like 5 soundsets and don’t even remember which ones, this can make finding that track very hard, especially while you are DMing a game session. For example “OK, dragon is dead, I want to keep ambient sounds and music running, but turn off all dragon sounds… wait, in which soundset are dragon sounds which are currently running?”.

  3. I miss possibility to change volume of special effects which are called by buttons on right part of screen (spell sounds and so on). What can easily happen is that ambience is nearly silent and then there comes for example spell effect called by button which is terribly loud. Sometimes not desirable effect.

  4. I’d also love possibility to be able to customize generic library of sound effects (those called by buttons). We’ve got generic library which is visible in each soundset, thats great, but I’d like to be able to add/remove buttons from there. Lets say I absolutely don’t need “Ooooo” button there, but I would really need to have dragon roar there, as I use dragon roar very often (or just want to have it there at my disposal, quickly and easily accessible). Right now, I need to always search for some dragon soundset and use button from there.

  5. Assigning keywords to tracks and being able to search for them would be also very useful. For example, one would get “pounding hooves” while searching for “horse”. Or naga sounds while searching for “snake”. Some tracks have names one would not think to search for.

  6. In general, more categories would help a lot, as just “purchased/unpurchased/installed” is far from being enough. What about beast category - horse subcategory. Environment category - water subcategory. Something like that.

I do know that this basically requires to remake UI a lot and that its a lot of work to be done. But please, this is kind of tool which needs to be as quick and easy to use as possible, DM has too many things to worry about, there usually isn’t really time for browsing soundsets one by one, trying to find one particular button effect or one particular track.



While I can’t do anything about the technical end of things, I can help with your sixth suggestion, the categories. I’ve been organizing generic campaigns (and maintaining them with the new content) here: Some good generic campaigns to help you get organised!

That thread has everything from adventure paths to locations, monsters to themed adventures. I hope that helps!

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BUMP :stuck_out_tongue: I think that more of this should be considered and implemented. I noticed point 3 was implemented, that is great! But I think that the others, especially 6, really need some attention, as amount of soundsets has increased a LOT and become pretty much unmanageable. Right now, I think it would really help to at least put soundsets made for adventures into separated, its own category.

Another bump for this one. Seriously. Not being able to search “wizard spells” and have spells show up is… frustrating. it makes it so you need to already know exactly what you’re looking for before you find it. Please please please add keywords to the search engine.

Example1: sci fi HAS to have the - in order to bring anything up.

Example 2: in the Master Interface searching “wizard spell” gives nothing, even though there is a soundset CALLED wizard spells