Help getting started

Just subscribed and started playing around, watched a few of the tutorials (the one showing the workflow for the Paizo game was particularly useful), but still have two main questions.

  1. Since the sounds are split up among the soundsets I find it hard to locate things I want, I don’t even know which sound sets to bring in to a campaign to start with. Been poking around and gradually adding everything, but I still get lost. Are there any helpful indices? Other organizational tools that help build familiarity with the range of options and locate them when you want them? (If it helps for context, my main project is currently trying to get sounds together for Stolen Lands (Chapter 1 of Kingmaker)).

  2. Also watch the video on speaker options and still a bit undecided, wanted to see if people could make a good suggestion. My setup for most gaming would be in a dedicated game room. There’s already a computer with reasonable 3.1 style speakers in the room, but a fair bit away from the game table. I like to try to minimize electronics at the game table. Is there a good solution for a minimal tablet/phone solution that drives the sounds through the desktop/speakers remotely? Or should I look into the mixer type options shown in that video?

Thanks for your time!

There is a search function at the top of the soundset list, which is super helpful.

I’ve also organized the soundsets into various generic campaigns (all creatures, all locations, all NPCs, everything for a town/forest/dungeon, various official adventure paths) here - Some good generic campaigns to help you get organised!

If you’re looking for soundset suggestions for Kingmaker - tell me about the Stolen Lands (places, monsters, big bads) and I can certainly recommend some! The trick is is that some of the official APs have proprietary information with certain monsters (they’re under copyright) so they can’t be named in the soundsets. Like there’s an otyugh in Hell’s Bright Shadow’s The Waspnest soundset, but it’s under “cellar monster.”

Key areas:
Rundown trading post (adventure hub): plains: married couple as proprietors, as the adventure runs guards and a priest show up as well. Been trying to make something work from the taverns/shopkeeper sets but so far nothing that feels right. Mixing in some of the farmland or other wildlife

Mites lair (already cleared out so not needed, unless trying to contribute a custom campaign back to the group)

Kobold lair (this one seems well covered already, though I haven’t played with it in depth)

Bandit Fort (haven’t tried this one yet, but I think it shouldn’t be hard)

Woodland abandoned/overgrown temple

Then just lots of ambiance for traveling/exploring: Plains, Forests, Swamps, Hills. I think I’ve seen things I like for forests/swamps but the plains and hills I was having a harder time with.

Creatures: fey in all shapes and sizes, bears, wolves, owlbears, trolls, will o wisps, more natural animals

Trading Post - Using Brindle Town (the setting up for morning trade mood, as that is more sparse), along with perhaps some of the creaking stockade element from Thistletop could work. For the plains, some of the Farmland sounds with some winds from Elements - Winds could be help.

For the adventuring couple… the Creepy Shopkeeper is the only set with generic female dialogue right now, so you make have to break out your own acting talents for any other women the group encounters. For the priest, there’s the Priest of Razmir set, through that guy’s pretty smug and smarmy. For the guards, some of the “command” one-shots and elements from Battle of Wolven Pass might suit if the PCs are running from the law.

The Thistletop set could be useful for the bandit fort, just subbing in human noises (from the universal one shots, Tavern Brawl, In the Cave, etc) instead of goblin.

For the overgrown temple, I’d try Dungeon Depths mixed with Witchwood or Elven Vale Day/Night, depending on the creep factor of your woodland.

Plains and hills are mostly going to be Farmland sounds with wind elements mixed in - swaying plantlife and all. There’s also a Wagon Journey set with some sounds that’ll be useful there. For forest there is Witchwood and Elven Vale Day/Night, for swamps, Swamp.

Trolls could be easily represented by Ogre Battle, there is a wolf attack in Thrushmoor - it’s under “Druid Battle”, turn off the druid sounds and it’s pretty eerie. Spooky also has a “wolves are hunting us,” with lots of wolf sounds. And Lycanthrope Stalker has a Lycanthrope Battle mood, which is lots of claw scratches, growls, and roars. Into the Valley has a “dire bear” mood for a bear attack. Owlbear attack could use the same set, just chuck in the occasional eagle screech from Mountain Pass. Will O Wisps could be represented by the strange sounds in Shimmering Veils. Fey could be done with In the Lair of the Siren.

Elven Vale Day/Night, Mountain Pass, Jungle, and Farmland have a lot of natural insects and animals for all of those needs.

Thank you. I’ll play around with those.

Thanks everyone!

You’re all so lovely! :smile: