Have Custom Moods and Search Functions Improved?

For context I used to subscribe to Syrinscape a few years back and ultimately ended my subscription due to the fact that it lacked two significant features for my DMing.

The first was searchability. There are so many soundsets in syrinscape, but a ton of them are named based on the adventures they were made for. This made searching very difficult as finding specific enemy or environment sounds were grouped in sets with names like “BO Thistletop”. Has this improved at all with some kind of tag system or search for specific moods or sound loops?

The second issue I had was the creation of custom moods and soundsets. My problem was that I was willing to put in the work to dig through all the soundsets and find the loops I cared about, but when I created a custom mood it didn’t bring with it any of the sound loops to be re-used in other custom moods and I only had three “folders” to organize these moods into. I would end up spending half an hour constructing the moods I wanted for a session when I was paying Syrinscape to reduce my time preparing. I see the soundset creator comes with the subscription, but does it allows me to mix and match sounds from existing sets to create things that I want?

I apologize if I missed the answer to these questions on the website somewhere, but I was struggling to find the answers in any advertising or in the FAQs. I’m trying to get answers to these as I really liked the product otherwise and would be back if these shortcomings were addressed.

@timothyhess8 I don’t know exactly what search was like last time you used it, but here’s a few points that might help:

  • The Syrinscape Online master interface search is better than the genre player search. It will indicate the type of match for each matching soundset (soundset, mood, element, sample, tag) and group matches in that priority order.

  • The creator is now part of the master interface and allows absolute control over custom moods and soundsets. Duplicate any soundset and modify to your hearts content. These customisations will be saved on the server and sync across all your genre player devices.

  • The campaign manager search is the best and most recently updated. It will show (in the dropdown) a list of all tags including a type prefix (e.g. title:, music:, oneshot:, etc.) and the number of soundsets that match each tag, sorted by the number of matches.

    As you select tags, the list will update to show you remaining tags that also match the filtered list of soundsets. Use this to progressively narrow your choices.

    You do still need to go into the soundsets in the master interface to see and test the individual moods and elements.

@HECook has also:

made organized campaigns of the various soundsets. Like one is all Monsters and Fights, one is Fantasy Locations, etc. I also have combined sets for various areas, like Town/City Session, which has all the places and things you might do in a city, from sets of village and city sounds, blacksmith, shops, and town monsters like a goblin raid or an ambush by thieves. I have other ones like Forests/Fields, Swamps and Jungle, Low-Level Dungeon, High-Level Dungeon, etc.

Find those here: Some good generic campaigns to help you get organised!

Looking at further improvements to search is on our to-do list.

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Thanks for the information!