A collection of a single category within a soundset

I’d like to see a collection of monster/animal sounds as one soundset. There is a shortage of monster sounds in particular. One would have to purchase numerous soundsets to have a reasonable creative pallet to work with. I currently have fifteen sets and I find it lacking. Please don’t suggest a subscription. I detest paying continuously for something. The 99cent app (RPG Fantasy) often has more utility than the $50.00 I’ve invested in Syrinscape.

Well, what monster/animal sounds do you wish for? And what is in your library of bought soundsets that you’re missing something? From what i have seen from your suggested app, it doesn’t have a really extensive library of monster sounds either - so i assume you are looking for something in particular? Maybe there can be suggestions on what soundset(s) could be added to make you happy with what you have then. :wink:

Indeed, I think a wide variety of monsters could be covered in 6-10 sets (maybe less, depending on your gaming needs) if you’re strapped for cash or don’t like paying a subscription.

Bugbear battle covers nearly any monstrous humanoid or just grumpy bandit.
Dragon battle covers anything toothy or flying (big or small).
Undead battle covers your zombies, etc.
Clockwork entities for constructs.
Tiger battle for anything toothy and claw-y.
Giant rat for vermin/small nasty things.
Hell swarm for insects.
Possibly goblin or kobolds for small humanoids.
Possibly tavern brawl for unarmed combat.
Possibly mouth horror for really weird things.

Other sets have more specific sounds and add richness and depth, but the above 10 could cover a wide variety of monsters.


maybe more like creature type / creature compendiums maybe
I made my own campaigns to find stuff more easy.

I’ve got many generic campaigns I’ve made up for locating things by theme:

Just scroll down there, I’ve got monsters all in one place, locales in another, etc.

What types specifically are you looking for? I am not yet proficient in the SoundSet Creator, but something like that could possibly be made and shared as community content (if someone is more proficient than I and interested in doing that).

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Hello. What I’m looking for is a series of separate monster sounds, attacks etc… I don’t want the cheesy spell effects. I simply want several channels of sounds to mix in either as an encounter or ambient sound. A large list of sounds that are all accessible in one place.

The second part (should the first request be solved), is to have something similar, but with numerous ambient sounds all in one place.

And lastly, a single place for all kinds of music to draw from.

The current interface/platform is designed by and for an audio engineer. Not a gamer. Please look at the 99 cent app (rpg fantasy) on itunes. This simple app is more intuitive and thereby more usable than Syrinscape.

So, let me get this straight - i don’t want to misunderstand:

You want, say, one button that starts - Skeletons. One button that starts - Zombies. One button the starts - Wolfs, and so on?

Same setup for ambient (like one button for wind, one button for rain,…) and music (one button spooky music, one button happy music…)?

Do you want to play it only once when the button is pressed or playing it continuosly?

I get what you are saying, Syrinscape has a different approach when it comes to creating sounds. It is more like painting a whole (sound) picture than just focusing on single colors. If you’re used to one click sounds, it may strike you as complicated at first, but when you get used to it you will see the advantages. You don’t have to use the cheesy spell effects if you don’t like them - just turn them off or don’t use the buttons.

The interface doesn’t strike me as unintuitive or unfunctional, it is pretty easy and obvious once you get to know it. It might look overwhelming at first, but it is not. And it is FAR away from any audio design platform’s complexity and (un)usability. :wink: Give it a fair chance, you will see, where the benefits lie.

In reference to your suggested app - no offense, but that app (if it is the same i know) has one sample for each sound effect. And this is where you have a big advantage when using Syrinscape. It is not looping or repeating; so your players won’t get tired of hearing the same sound over and over again. If you play around with it a little more, you will see that. Check out the Pro-Tips to get the most out of the app. :wink: