Doing folders or cathegories?

Is there a way to create folders and subfolders within your campaign or the Syrinscape player?`

I am currently playing a homebrew campaign in Call of Cthulhu and I am using a lot of different sound sets (Tension building up, chases, investigation, battle etc).
Currently I have sorted everything in a long list in my campaign but it would be just awsome to be able to do folders so I can categorize all sounds depending on scene.


Maybe this should be in another topic, but since it was a general Syrinscape question I figured Iยดd put it here.
Apologizes if it was wrong.

Currently, there is no way to build subcategories within individual campaigns. @HECook, however, has already put together a HUGE list of campaigns that might help make things easier. Also you might want to try SyrinscapeOnline, the search function in that makes it MUCH easier to pull up a needed sound quickly :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the information!

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