Any posibilty making all monsters from adventures into soundsets:)?

There are so many adventure paths from from different rpg games that I really love.
Like all the monsters and all the soundtracks with so many types of ambient music,monsters that is amazing thumbs up!
Just love when you got all in one spot if you catch my drift :slight_smile:
As a superSyrin sub any hope this will be categorized in the future?
If you got any tips about his it would be great!
I know there is a possibility with the syrinscape soundset creator,
but it takes so much time being a DM in 3 groups.
Can other people by the way share there work with the soundset creator
that may have done this in to categories.

any updates future planes would love to hear about it.
What about making Custom sound set with your own sounds from other sound set, maybe not as easy but I got no clue :slight_smile:

Any news about new program updates / future plans

one more thing are there any possibility sharing my home-maid content with my other computers? I prefer working on my stationery computer but when I play I use the laptop?

You want categories? Buddy, I have a deal for you!

Follow this link: Some good generic campaigns to help you get organised! Read all the things!

I have made campaigns of everything in Syrinscape, separating out monsters, locations, events, Adventure Paths, and thematically appropriate sets. Categories for all the things! I have several campaigns that are location/mood/monster selections, like “Town” or “Low-Level Dungeon”, so you can have all of the most appropriate sets together for a game.

And then you can make your own campaigns, of course, for your own particular adventures. :wink:


This is great:ok_hand: I done some of this myself thx

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There should be a hotlink to this with updates/if there i sent one?:grinning::ok_hand:

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I update those links every time (within a week or two) there are new soundsets to add, and then post about it in that threat. So if you keep that initial thread, then you’ll have update!