Some good generic campaigns to help you get organised!

Okiday, new soundsets = updated campaigns!

Bustling Port Town has been added to - Town/City Session and Locations - Fantasy
Library of Arcana has been added to - the same
Hell Swarm and Wraith Battle have been added to Monsters and Fights.
Wraith Battle was also added to Fear and Horror.

Due to the large number of undead-themed sets, there is now an Undead campaign!

The five sets for Incident on Absalom Station are now together -

If/When we get more Starfinder Society Guild Quests, I’ll chuck them together in a campaign, if people like.

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Thanks @HECook you’re awesome!

And yep if people would like more of the Starfinder Society Quests then We can look at doing more :smile:

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You r amazing @HECook


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Hey @HECook note your new Title! (after your name)

Awarded due to repeated genius!


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And well deserved! :smile:

Extremely cool! So very chuffed! polishes nameplate :smiley:


Soundsets set!

On the Sci-Fi Player

Ghroth - Added to Modern Places and Present-Day City.

Cultists - Added to Present-Day City, Monsters and Fights, and Old-Timey Things.

Both Starfinder Society sets are now in their own campaign -

On the Fantasy Player

Oriental Tavern - Added to Monsters and Fights, and Town/City Session.

Clockwork Entities - Added to the same as above.

Gnolls - Added to Monsters and Fights and Forests and Fields

Shadows of Esteren - Dearg - Because of its beautiful music, I added this set to Music.

Due to the addition of Elements: Rain, I’ve made a Weather set - if you want your campaign to drown, get struck by lightning, blow away, explode, or get set on fire, this is the set for you!

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Awesome! Thanks Holly :grin:

More soundsets all in a row!

Sci-Fi Player’s Monsters and Fights now contains - Skeebara Battle, Space Goblins, Corpse Fleet Skeletons, and Cultists.

Fantasy Player:

Temple of the Jade Dragon - added to Fantasy Locations

With Syrinscape adding several more Asian fantasy-themed sets, I’ve also done a new campaign called Oriental Adventures.
It has Oriental Tavern, Temple of the Jade Dragon, Bell Monk Temple, HBS Redact and Revenge (due to its monk fight moods), along with a short selection of basic locations often seen in films of that nature, Brindle Town, Mountain Pass, Storm, Farmland, and Elven Vale Night/Day.

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Super helpful that I can import these campaigns. Thanks to the community (and to the devs for this feature)!

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Goodness gracious, better catch up on everything before the new stuff drops!

The five sets for What Grows Within have been added to the Strange Aeons campaign.

Shoggoth has been added to Monsters and Fights as well as Cthulhu Mythos.

Garaggakal Battle been added to Sci-Fi Monsters and Fights.

Absalom Station added to Space Places.

The Birds, Hunting Horror, and Devourer Battle added to Fantasy Monsters & Fights.

Devourer added to Undead.

The Birds added to Forests and Fields. In the Lair of the Siren also added to Forests and Fields.

Hunting Horror added to Fear and Horror, Low-Level Dungeon and High-Level Dungeon (due to the shifting walls and slamming portcullis sounds - the hunting horror sounds overlap with any number of other monsters too).

Masks of Nyarlathotep now has its own campaign!

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Thanks @HECook, you are as awesome as always! :grin:

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To easily import @HECooks awesome Campaigns into your own Campaign Manager simply click on one of her links above, then when the page opens up click “Import into Campaign Manager”

Once done the Campaigns playlist will appear in the drop down menu on the top left hand side of your Player. More details on The Campaign Manager can be found HERE

New soundsets have dropped!

The first five of the Curse of the Crimson Throne, arranged for your play:

And the Pathfinder 2 Playtest sets -

Pathfinder 2 Playtest sets updated now to the 4th chapter!

Dragon Heist is now in a campaign -

Blacksmith and Hobgoblin Bar Fight added to Town/City Session.

Demon-Haunted Crypt added to High Level Dungeon, Fear and Horror.

Blacksmith and Demon-Haunted Crypt added to Locations - Fantasy.

Hag Feast added to Swamp and Jungle.

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Thanks for sharing all of these! Just a quick comment, but the Pathfinder 2 Playtest sets you shared is the same link as the Curse of the Crimson Throne.

This this link for the Pathfinder 2 Playtest instead!

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The fifth Pathfinder 2 Playtest is added to that campaign.

Dragon Heist is updated with the new content!

Strange Aeons has Black Stars Beckon added to it!

Zombie Parking Garage was added to Modern-Day City.

Black Stars Beckon’s Ruined Tower, with its excellent 1920s Parisian moods and sounds, was added to Old-Timey Things.

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Chapters 6 and 7 of Pathfinder 2 Playtest added to that campaign.

Next chapters of Curse of the Crimson Throne added to that campaign.

Updated Dragon Heist campaign.

Updated Masks of Nyarlathotep with second chapter sets.

Speakeasy 1920 and Insane Asylum added to Old Timey Things.

For anyone playing a game set in Predation (Cypher System), I have a campaign for that here:

Also for anyone playing Invisible Sun, I have a basic campaign for that here: