Some good generic campaigns to help you get organised!


Xanathar the Glorious added to Monsters and Fights, High Level Dungeon, and NPCs.

Displacer Beast Battle added to Monsters and Fights and Forests and Fields

Treant Battle added to Monsters and Fights, Forests and Fields, and Swamp and Jungle

Mind Flayer Battle added to Monsters and Fights and High Level Dungeon

The Temple of the Twelve soundsets have been added to the Dead Suns campaign (formerly the Incident on Absalom Station campaign)

Grand Hotel 1920 added to Old-Timey Things


Mimic Battle added to Monsters and Fights and Low-Level Dungeon

Dungeon Crawl added to Low-Level Dungeon

Shattered Shield Tavern added to Town/City Session


So very USEFUL!

Thanks @HECook :slight_smile: :smiley: :pancakes::cake:


Do i need to re add a campaign when you update them?


Yes I believe you will need to click the link again so that the updates @HECook has made will update on your list as well :grin:


New chapters added to the Curse of the Crimson Throne!

Troll Battle and Kenku Battle added to Monsters and Fights.

Windsong Cavern - Added to Fantasy locations

When the Night Beckons, Brigands’ Corridor, and Kenku Battle added to Town/City Session

Troll Battle added to High Level Dungeon and Forests and Fields (because trolls and bridges)

Third chapter of Masks of Nyarlathotep added to that campaign.


Tabletop Music added to Music

The Black Marshes added to Swamps & Jungle

Desecration of Blackwell, Golden Bank of Rivertown, and Waterdeep added to Town/City Session

Rise of the Herald added to Cthulhu Mythos


Ideas for our Fantasy Player next upgrade.

@tai_admin I wonder if we could make some of these campaigns visible in the Fantasy Player automatically?

Maybe we need a nested menu in that left hand column…

Pathfinder Adventure Paths
Rise of the Runelords
Hell’s Rebels

Grouped by subject

That kind of stuff?


That might be a nice one for everyone, @benjamin. :slight_smile:


Golden Bank of Rivertown, Waterdeep, Exotic Palace, and Cartoa Outdoors added to Locations - Fantasy

Exotic Palace added to Town/City Session

Cartoa Outdoors added to Forests and Fields

Cartoa Outdoors added to Low-Level Dungeon

All RealmSmith packs added to new set - RealmSmith Sets:


Any updates on nested campaigns? That would be really helpful!



Glass Cannon soundsets -

Dungeon of the Mad Mage -

The Ghosts of Saltmarsh -

The Lost Mine of Phandelver -

The Fall of Plaguestone (Pathfinder 2 intro adventure) -

Added Entering the Labyrinth to Locations - Fantasy, Low-Level Dungeon, High-Level Dungeon


Ghosts of Saltmarsh updated with with next chapters of soundsets.

Curse of the Crimson Throne updated with next chapters of soundsets

Campaign for Out of the Abyss made -


Thank you @HECook!

Quick question, lets say I import your campaigns, and a month later, you update yours, will mine automatically see those changes, or do I need to reimport them? (Hoping for the former) @sonofconan


Erm… I think they update? @Steve would know for certain, as I usually don’t import myself! :thinking:


Temple of Hram and Rise of a Dark God added to Realm Smith sets.

Rise of a Dark God added to Fear and Horror.

Temple of Hram added to Swamps and Jungle

Manticor Battle added to Monsters and Fights

Chapter 4 of Masks of Nyarlathotep added to its respective campaign.


Underdark Forest and Minotaur Maze added to Fantasy Locations

Minotaur Maze added to Monsters and Fights

Minotaur Maze added to Low-Level Dungeon and High-Level Dungeon

Dragon of Icespire Peak prerelease in its own set -

History of Ashes for Pathfinder 2 has its own set now -

Avernus has its own set -


You are amazing @HECook!

Still! :slight_smile:

Thank you!


@HECook I have just seen this - History of Ashes is the fourth chapter in the Crimson Throne campaign for PF, NOT a PF2 adventure! :wink:


strokes chin

Ah, well it seems there is a conundrum. Because the Hellknight Hill sets (HH), which are in the campaign I have labeled “History of Ashes”, have the info blub of: “Community Support for first chapter of Pathfinder’s 2nd edition Adventure Path ‘History of Ashes’ chapter one ‘Hellknight Hill’”

The other “History of Ashes” sets (HOA) are indeed tucked into the Curse of the Crimson Throne campaign.

BUT! Upon further Googling, it seems the Hellknight Hill sets are actually in an Adventure Path called Age of Ashes, so that was a minor typo on the creator’s part, which I didn’t catch as I didn’t know the name of the AP myself and was relying on their blurb.

So now I have corrected the campaign name of the community set to Age of Ashes, thusly eliminating the confusion.


Also, Steel Talon’s Lair (for the Starfinder Beginner’s Box Set) now has their own campaign -

Cyberpunk sets (for the Cyberpunk 2077 game) have their own campaign -