Some good generic campaigns to help you get organised!


As always, THANKS @HECook!

WHO on this thread thinks we should be making these appear by DEFAULT in the Players?



Honestly, if there was a way to create campaigns within campaigns, so all of these showed up under a Single Higher level folder of Default Campaigns, then I wold highly in favor of this.

But as wonderful as these are for subscribers, I could see having then suddenly show up by default for non subscribers and people with a ton of custom campaigns could be a pain. Particularly if they can not delete them. It would just make finding what they normally use harder.


Maybe we just get these onto an actual official page, so they are easy to view and import (as you can now)… but make it more official (even searchable) …and stuff?


That’s a great idea.


Sorry about the delay, I was out of town.

“Default in the players”. Honestly, I have only been using the Online version, so I couldn’t even really tell you how the player apps work. LOL. I’m sure that makes you happy, Ben :slight_smile:

But I can tell you this with the Online app - it gets crazy overwhelming organizing and trying to find the soundsets that I know I have somewhere, in some campaign somewhere, or perhaps it is lower in the list and I need to drag it up near the top where my others are. Nevertheless, I would be happy if you had great defaults for users, especially new users, but I would also love to see better soundset management in the process - one that I can easily add soundsets to groups or campaigns all from within the Online app. I dread having to locate my stuff sometimes during a game session, and I equally dread having to manage my campaigns outside of the Online app. I hope all that made sense - I am going by memory with this so my terminology might be a little off.


GoS Final Enemy I and II - Added to Ghosts of Saltmarsh

Music - Silly - Added to Music

Torment and Legacy - Added to Forests and Fields, as that is a self-contained wilderness adventure.

Doom of the First Dwarves - Added to RealmSmith Sets


Hey @HECook, I can’t seem to find anything called “RealmSmith Sets”. Am I missing something? I searched for a campaign named that, as well as a soundset named that, but no hits. I am still very much a noob with all of this. Thanks!


Ah, that’s because these campaigns that I make are not official, so you have to download them from this thread of posts.

The RealmSmith Sets are here! -


@HECook, thanks for explaining that; I never really understood all of this post but now I do.

So First, thank you for sharing your hard work!

Now for a suggestion: I know you keep appending to this thread, but I think it would be great if you also put all of your creations on the first post of this thread (or second - wherever you big initial list is). I think it is painful scrubbing through this whole thread looking for your stuff and would rather just go to the beginning of this thread to see all that you have shared with us.

Great job, and thank you!

@benjamin I do certainly think there should be a better way for the community to share their stuff. posting in a thread works, but that forces users to be active in the forums; maybe under campaign, we could search for users as well, so we could search for HECook, and find everything Holly has publicly shared, and add it to our campaign like all others? Maybe in there you could also have the top 10 most active/recent users creating public soundsets as well, in case users don’t even know who HECook is. Just some ideas.


When I get some time, I can update the post to include all of what I have so far. :slight_smile:


Very late to the party.

In general, there are LOTS of great sounds now, so the most likely need (comparted to the early days, when the sound library was first building out) is organization, and simplifying.

I find I’m often scrambling and shortcutting my prep when hosting game sessions as a GM, so half the time I don’t have the time to properly assemble sounds. As such, it’d increase usability/actual use to add the option of as much one-touch, plug-and-play functionality as possible.

So I lean to YES to including more template/generic soundsets by default (although acknowledging the truth of the posts saying that screening out unneeded content is helpful as well).


Monsters and Fights (Fantasy Player) - added Carrion Crawler Battle, Kraken Boss Battle, Giant Spider Battle, Stirge Battle, and Will-o’-Wisps

Low-Level Dungeon - Added Carrion Crawler Battle and Giant Spider Battle

Swamps and Jungle - Added Stirge Battle

Seas - Added Kraken Boss Battle

Fear and Horror - Added Haunted Castle and Barovian Village

Locations-Fantasy - added Barovian Village, Undermountain Forest, Haunted Castle

Music - added Jan the Noodling Bard and Particle

Curse of the Crimson Throne - Added the five chapters of Escape from Old Korvosa

Dungeon of the Mad Mage - Added levels 7, 8, and 9

Retitled “Avernus” into “Descent into Avernus” and put in all Baldur’s Gate sets -


For the Sci-Fi Player:

Present-Day City - Added Cyberpunk - Apartment and Cyberpunk - Forlorn Hope

Starfinder Dead Suns - Added the five Ruined Clouds sets

Old-Timey Things - Added Docks 1920

Modern Music - Added Music - Silly


All campaigns with new links:

Fantasy Monsters and Fights - all Fantasy Player monsters and fights -

Fantasy Locations - all Fantasty Player locations -

NPCs - all fantasy NPC sets -

Music - music for Fantasy player -

Low-Level Dungeon - sounds and encounters for a low-level dungeon crawl -

High-Level Dungeon - ambiance and encounters for a high-level dungeon crawl -

Deserts - ambiance and encounters for the desert -

Forests and Fields - ambiance and encounters in forests and fields -

Swamps and Jungle - ambiance and encounters in the swamp and jungle -

Seas - ambiance and encounters for things at sea or under the sea, fantasy and modern -

Mountains - ambiance and encounters for the mountains -

Fear and Horror - fearful ambiance and encounters, cross-genre -

Town/City Session - ambiance and encounters for a town or city -

Undead - all undead encounters -

Weather - various weather-related sets -

Oriental Adventures - various sets useful for an Oriental Adventures/Rokugan campaign -

All Adventures, Adventure Paths, and Modules

Bandit’s Cave - for Legendary Games’ adventure Bandit’s Cave -

Mask of Death - official soundsets for Zombie Orpheus’ Mask of Death adventure -

Shadow’s Dungeon - Zombie Orpheus’ official soundset for The Gamers’ module, Shadow’s Dungeon -

Sunless Citadel - all soundsets necessary to run through the Sunless Citadel module -

Dragon’s Demand - for the Pathfinder module Dragon’s Demand -

Hell’s Rebels - for the Pathfinder adventure path Hell’s Rebels -

Rise of the Runelords - Pathfinder’s adventure path Rise of the Runelords -

Strange Aeons - sets for Pathfinder’s adventure path Strange Aeons -

Curse of the Crimson Throne - sets for Pathfinder’s adventure path Curse of the Crimson Throne -

Pathfinder 2 Playtest - adventures for Pathfinder 2’s playtest -

Dragon Heist - sets for D&D’s Dragon Heist campaign -

Realm Smith sets - sets from Realm Smith’s monthly adventure crate -

Glass Cannon - sets from the Glass Cannon podcast -

Dungeon of the Mad Mage - sets for D&D’s Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage campaign -

Ghosts of Saltmarsh - sets for D&D’s Ghost of Saltmarsh campaign -

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - community content for D&D’s Hoard of the Dragon Queen -

Lost Mine of Phandelver - sets for D&D starter adventure The Lost Mine of Phandelver -

The Fall of Plaguestone - sets for Pathfinder 2 demo adventure The Fall of Plaguestone -

Out of the Abyss - community content for the D&D adventure Out of the Abyss -

Dragon of Icespire Peak - sets for D&D’s adventure Dragon of Icespire Peak -

Age of Ashes - community content for the Pathfinder adventure path Age of Ashes -

Descent into Avernus - sets for the D&D adventure Descent into Avernus -

Sci-Fi Player

Old-Timey Things - all soundsets with sounds or elements from the 1920s-ish -

Modern Music - Music for present-day or futuristic games -

Modern Locations - present-day or near-future locations -

Monsters and Fights - all Sci-Fi player monsters and fights -

Present-Day City - ambiance of various modern or near-future cities and encounters therein -

Space Travel - things happening onboard a space ship, while traveling, or at a spacedock, includes starship weapons and raiding parties -

Starfinder Ships - all Starfinder ships and weapons -

Future City - ambiance and encounters for a futuristic city -

Alien Locales - alien locations -

Predation - a selection of sets useful for Cypher System’s Predation setting -

Invisible Sun - a selection of sets useful for the Invisible Sun RPG -

Cthulhu Mythos - collection of sets with a Cthulhu Mythos theme -

Adventures, Adventure Paths, and Modules

Cthulhu RockHarbor - community content for the Pegasus Games Cthulhu adventure Das Geisterschiff von Caerdon (The Caerdon Ghost Ship) -

Dead Suns - for Starfinder’s adventure path Dead Suns -

Starfinder Society - adventures for Starfinder Society -

Masks of Nyarlathotep - for the Call of Cthulhu adventure Masks of Nyarlathotep -

Steel Talon’s Lair - for the Starfinder beginner’s box adventure Steel Talon’s Lair -

Cyberpunk - sets for the Cyberpunk RPG -


Awesome, thank you!

I think the fantasy monster and fights is wrong? Links to sci fi stuff :slight_smile:


Whoopsie-doodle! Edited it, should be fixed now. :slight_smile:


Masks of Nyarlathotep - added Kenya chapters

Curse of the Crimson Throne - added Crown of Fangs chapters

Choker Battle - Added to Monsters and Fights in the Fantasy Player, also added to Low-Level Dungeon

RealmSmith Sets - Added Into the Mist - Death House and Into the Mist - Hopeless Village

NPCs - Also added the 5e sets for Wizard, Paladin, and Cleric spells

Dead Suns - Added most recent chapters


Thanks as always @HECook! :milk_glass:& :cookie: for you! :slight_smile:


These are amazing thanks @HECook!!!