Where to Begin?

I have had a subscription to Syrinscape for several years but rarely used it. I use Realm Works for my adventures that I can use links to activate Syrinscape, but it was only after I started listening to The Glass Cannon Podcast and hearing how they use Syrinscape that it sparked my interest into exploring its use again.

Unfortunately, I’m finding it very daunting trying to go through the various sound sets to find ones that I like. Having a full-time job, prepping for games, and life, in general, makes it difficult to sit down and listen to each set and everything within a set. I would like to know how other GMs manage to find audio they want to use for different scenes they’ll be using.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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There’s the search bar at the top of the player, and then there’s this community! If you can’t find what you want with searching, just ask, and I’d be very happy (as would others) to point you to the sounds you need for whatever you want!


Thank you HECook. I have used the search at the top but being able to ask here will also help.

I’ve run music for two of my DMs for the last three years, using a mix of syrinscape and platemale games recorded tracks. This may sound like silly advice but, know what you’re looking for. There is too much going on in syrinscape to just happen upon a good sound set. If you know your next few session will be in the woods then dedicate what ever small amount of free time you have to finding one good woods themed playlist, then go through it and write down the individual tracks that work for you. Thats the way I’ve done it over the years and it’s worked for me. You’ll eventually have to look for fewer and fewer things as you understand exactly what you have.

Personally I wish there was some better organization and less redundancy in the playlists.

Also, if this will help, I have made campaigns with all the soundsets organized by type, theme, and campaign - All locations, all monsters, stuff for town and city, forests, dungeons, etc. Some good generic campaigns to help you get organised!

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Campaigns are the way to go. We have hundreds of soundsets for you to use, covering MANY situations. The easiest way to go is to build a campaign with the soundsets that suit you or use the fantastic Campaigns that @HECook has put together. Syrinscape is designed to be very flexible, you just need to set it up how you want it :grin:

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