SoundSet for Princes of the Apocalypse

Running the D&D Campaign Princes of the Apocalypse and wanted to ask if someone has some tipps for SoundSets which would fit into the campaign.
I’m new to Syrinscape. Searching through the huge amount of SoundSets, so any suggestions would help me alot.


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Howdy there! If you will tell me what sorts of sounds you’re looking for, what encounters happen, which monsters are fought, places you go, etc, I can certainly make recommendations!

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Thanks for the fast respons =)!
Following areas are included in the campaign.

Diffrent Dungeons

  • Cave’s
  • Water / Fire / Earth / Wind themed Dungeons

Towns / Villages

Journey through landscape of the campaign --> Rain / Thunder / Wind etc. would be aswome

Battle Sound (but i think the SoundSet included in SyrinScape should be enough)

Thanks for your help.

Ok, so you have Dungeon Depths, which has lots of great underground sounds, creepy echoes, music, distant screams, walking on uneven ground, etc. Flooded Cavern would be great for a water dungeon. Using Dungeon Depths combined with Elements - Fire or Elements - Wind would be a good way to do your other themed dungeon.

For a straight cave, Sci-Fi Player’s Sub-Terra is a great one.

Towns/Villages - Magnimar is your big city set, and Brindle Town is your small town set.

Journey - There’s Wagon Journey, for general travel sounds. And Storm, with the thunder, wind, etc. for when things go from bad to worse!

If you want some variations in battle sounds, tell me what monsters you’re fighting and I can get very specific.

For some general organization, check out this thread - I’ve been making organized campaigns with all soundsets of various types, all monsters, all fights, everything for a town or a mountain or a farm, etc. Some good generic campaigns to help you get organised!

I hope this helps!

A few things to think about.
There’s a ton of dungeon in PoA. you will have to play with it a lot to keep things from becoming “The same” after a while.

One of the things I was playing with when I thought about doing this, is how each of the the different factions have the Public Face and the darker cult face.
I was wondering if you can make music tie the different parts of the cults together.
Something where the music from the Public face is echoed when the meet the cult members.

Maybe the music even overlays, much like the bonus tracks do for the Dronolan’s Tower: Rise of the Barbarian Album. (
(by the way, if you haven’t heard it, that’s one of my favorite background albums to put on for a long fight when I don’t use Syrinscape.)