Syrinscape ProTip #07 - Using Syrinscape with Skype for Online Play


So I’m starting out a new game that will be streaming, and I want to use Syrinscape, which means playing it through Skype to the rest of the people on the group call.

Now, there’s information on how to do this, mostly with virtual mixing boards like VoiceMeeter. The problem is I can’t get Syrinscape to play through it. Like, it recognizes other audio played by the computer, but for some reason not Syrinscape. I’ve got everything set up exactly like it’s meant to be, I just cannot figure out why Syrinscape can’t be sent through a speaker that isn’t the default.

For reference, I’ve got everything set up like Case Study #1 on page 21.

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I think I got it working myself and this is what I did on my Windows 10 machine.

  1. Install VoiceMeeter (

  2. Install Virtual Audio Cable (

  3. Open your Control Panel > Sounds settings. On the Playback tab you should see two new output sound options “Cable Input” and “VoiceMeeter Input”. Right click on VoiceMeeter input and choose “Set as Default Device”
    3a) Switch to the Recording Tab. There you should see “Cable Output” and “VoiceMeeter Output” Right click on VoiceMeeter Output and choose “Set as Default Device”

  4. Run VoiceMeeter
    4a) In Voice Meeter for “Hardware Input 1” choose your microphone. In that same column make sure that only “B” is selected. “A” is what you will be hearing, so if you don’t want to hear yourself make sure that “A” is not selected.
    4b) Hardware Input 2 choose “Cable Output”. This is where Skype will be configured to come into VoiceMeeter – so make sure that “A” is enabled and “B” is disabled for Hardware Input 2. This prevents Skype from looping the other people back to themselves causing echo.
    4c) Virtual Input is what Syrinscape (or YouTube, or your System sounds) will be entering VoiceMeeter through – make sure that “A” and “B” are both enabled so that you can hear Syrinscape (A) and so can your Skype friends (B)
    4d) Under Hardware Out, click on the A1 dropdown near the top and select your output device… this is what you will actually be listenting through.

  5. Open Skype
    5a) Tools > Options > Audio Settings
    5b) Microphone should be selected as “VoiceMeeter Output” – this is where all of the “B” sound from VoiceMeeter goes… Skype
    5c) Speakers should be selected as “Cable Input” which we mentioned before … so that Skype sends what you are supposed to hear to VoiceMeeter into its Hardware Input 2 and out through the “A” channel.

Then read up on how VoiceMeeter works for additional setting options.

Syrinscape will run and output its sound to the “Default” of the Operating System which will come into VoiceMeeter, be mixed with your microphone, and be sent to Skype. Skype output will enter VoiceMeeter and get mixed with Syrinscape and travel to your ears and it will not feedback to Skype.

Hope this works for you.

Joe H.


Oh my gosh! This is great.

I’ll give it a thorough test myself and then make a proper page once I work it out.

Thanks soooo much for taking the time. :slight_smile:


If you run into any problems let me know and I will see if I can help.


Thanks mate! :slight_smile: ~Ben


How do you tell the voice saying trail every few seconds to stop? I am going to go nuts.


As in you are running a trial version of one of the bits? It’s NOT Syrinscape saying “Trial”… we don’t do that kind of thing! :smile:


Hi Joe.
I am having some troubles with voicemeeter or maybe with the virtual cable.
I followed your very intuitive guide, thanks BTW, but instead of using Skype I’ve been trying to use hangout and Roll20.
In a call my voice sounds pristine and clear (at least as much as it can :wink:) but the music played in Syrinscape or other players (VLC or iTunes) is distorted and quenched (Do not know if that’s the word I was looking for: I meant very low volume). Surprisingly when I play a YouTube video or song the distorsion is gone.
Through my speakers or headset I am able to listen both voices and music as they should be.
Could you give some tips about how you set your sound (CD, DVD or even higher quality) or if you modified something in the virtual cable/voicemeeter configurations?

I would really appreciate it because it is a bit annoying when I am using one of the soundsets to create atmosphere in a game and some of my players tells me: could you play some music?? Grrrr.

Thank you very much in advance,




I don’t know how Google Voice or Roll20 do their voice interaction but the key there would be to make sure that the program transmitting sound to the other players is NOT using your microphone directly but instead is using the output of VoiceMeeter. I highly recommend that you get a patient helper to sit on the other end of your line and help you debug this and not try to debug it during a game session.


This sounds a lot like the hoops I have to jump through to get my setup working.
I think I’m going to do up a document and post it here… Note I not only broadcast syrinscape at the table, but also use Windows Media Player for other music as well… Further, I broadcast this music to the table as well as the twitch stream.

In short, I have 3 primary “inputs”

  1. Microphone (routed through an FX chain in VTSHost, so I can remove background noise)
  2. Windows Media Player
  3. Syriscape Scifi + Syrinscape Fantasy

Each of these listed items is either it’s own input stream (i.e. the mic) or has to be forced, using the “default sound setting” in windows to go to a different Virtual Audio Cable.

From there, I have three outputs

  1. Speaker at the table
  2. Sound output to XSPlitBroadcaster.
  3. Headset/Headphones so I can monitor sound levels

Input #1 (after FX Chain), via Voicemeeter Banana is routed directly to Output #2 and Output #3
Input #2 and #3 go into separate channels in Voicemeeter Banana, into Output #1 and Output #2 and Output #3

I’m really looking forward to Content Creator, as then maybe I can eliminate the need to have 3 music apps running on my workhorse laptop, which is also managing the twitch stream, as well as all my PDFs and stuff for Pathfinder.


Thanks Jhines0042 for your answer and sorry for my delay writing back.
I’ve been struggling with hangout and the settings for the last month. Changing everything that came to my mind either in voicemeeter or my audio settings. Finally, Two days ago I gave up, uninstalling VM and VC and hopping that Syrinscape will arrive soon to Roll20.
However, life is amazingly funny and likes to play with simple mortals, yesterday evening I was invited to a CoC game through roll20 and one of the players asked explained me how to set it.
Looks like that regular hangout has a limitation for Mono Audio. The trick is to start a Hangout on air conversation, which allows you to set the quality to studio. You do not even have to release it :wink:. I was triying a bit and worked fine. Tonight (Spain time) we are playing Rise of the Runelords and I will surprise the players with the amazing soundsets from Syrinscape :muscle::muscle:.
I will keep you updated :slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️


fyi Roll20 are pretty clear they are not interested in integration atm. :frowning:

But if you still want it, then definitely keep encouraging them on their forums etc… we are ready if/when they are.

We’ve already integrated with Realm Works and d20pro. AND we will be doing our own remote control version of the player asap. i.e. The GM/DM runs a Master version of the Player and Client versions respond to calls across the web automatically. This way no audio has to go down pipes anywhere, better bandwidth, better audio quality, individual volume control.


Hahahaha I already supported it in the roll20 forum :wink:. I will continue spreading the word though.
I am interested in your other comments.
I’ve using Realm Works for a while (actually since I discovered the Dicestormers and you, Ben commenting about its great features). Is the integration that you mean the 3rd app one? Or what you meant is that I actually can play music through RW and the Internet to my players :smile::smile:??

Wow!!! That of the remote control version is awesome. Could you elaborate a bit? Should my players have the same soundsets that I have in order to listen the music?? In any case is it great :laughing::laughing:!!

ATM I have solved the hangout annoying issue and I can enjoy Syrinscape in my games :muscle::muscle:.


Yes. Just the 3rd party integration atm.

Yes, very excited about the remote control version too! :smile:


So, I’ve got a bit of a dilemma I’ve installed voice meter but I’m missing the cable in and cable out selections. I’ve got got input a set up per instructions but I’m unable to set up hardware input b. I have both voice meter and VAC running but I’m missing options. Help???


@erjohns77 So in the list of devices in Voice meter you don’t see the VAC?

Sounds like VAC hasn’t installed properly? Re-install… re-install?

Do you see the VAC input/output devices in your windows tray?


FWIW, we’ve got Syrinscape integrated with Fantasy Grounds (as of early May 2016). I know that some people prefer a given VTT to others, and I’m not trying to start a “Holy War” of any sort (personally, I’ve used most of the VTTs out there at one point or another and settled on the one I think is best - for me!), but if a given VTT isn’t supporting your needs then it might be worth taking some time to check out or re-check out some others that ARE supporting your needs - after all, Piazo(sp?) and WotC aren’t stupid, so if something’s good enough for them to provide a license too than at the very least it might be worth the time to take a look.

And there’s a pretty good Wiki page on the FG Wiki explaining step-by-step how to set up Syrinscape with TeamSpeak - which is pretty close to how you do it with Skype

Just my $0.02 worth :smile:



Here’s a video from the guys at Fantasy Grounds to explain how the extension works with Syrinscape, it’s definitely worth a watch.

Check it out here


Damn! Ninja’d by Caldeth :japanese_ogre:


Is there a way of doing the whole voice meter routing type thing on MACs?