Storm Lord's Wrath

Hello All!

My players have been moving with great pace through the Dragon of Icespire Peak story arc and already at the Storm Lord’s Wrath.

Since there aren’t any pre-made moods made yet, I decided to make my own.
I am by no means a professional at making these, but I figured I’d share for any other DMs who are running the adventure and need a baseline to start on.

Feedback is welcome!

Hey so I tried clicking the link to use this sound set, but I dont think it is giving me everything? Im not sure if I am doing it right?

What are you missing exactly?

This is my first time sharing a campaign, so my apologies if I have something incorrectly setup.

When I click on it, it loads into my campaigns but only has the Phandalin sound set and Paladin and Wizard Spell, my first time doing this as well, so i could very well be messing it up lol

I think I figured out what I messed up!
I had to share the individual sound sets with the community.
Right now it’s pending review, so hopefully it should be available after this is complete!

Heya @michaelv377, We’ll take a look at these straight away… just to make sure we don’t miss any, wanna list the specific names of the sets? :ear::musical_note:


  • Aid From Phandalin
  • Foul Weather at Wayside
  • House of Thalivar
  • Leilon
  • Missing Patrol
  • Thunder Cliffs

They’re by no means works of art, but I found they worked well for my game. :sweat_smile:

Listening now. :slight_smile:

These are all REALLY good! I particularly like the “Ghost Ship” MOOD!

I’ve switched them on as Community Content and I’ll group them together with a proper adventure name etc in the Online Player. Search for “slw” in the Online Player and the Fantasy Player to find these very nice SoundSets.

THANKS for getting this done!!!

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I appreciate the compliment, but I really couldn’t take the credit here.
A lot of those moods are duplicates of your professionally done sets with small tweaks and adjustments done to fit the scenario/setting.

I’m just building a tiny hut on the shoulders of giants!

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SWEET! Thanks alot for putting this together @michaelv377!!! Thanks @benjamin for getting it processed so quickly. I will be running this next week so it very much appreciated!! So not to be pushy but are you going to be doing sleeping dragons wake and divine contention as well???

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My party is about to set sail to Thunder Cliffs soon, afterwards they’ll be doing SDW and DC next.
I’m sure as they encounter it, I’ll end up creating new soundsets for these adventures.
When I complete them, I’ll be happy to share them!


@jediconic, just giving you a heads up that I’ve completed making the sound sets for Sleeping Dragon’s Wake. Feel free to check it out here:

That’s awesome!! Thanks a lot for doing this. Our group is getting close to finishing Dragon of Icespire Peak. Good work and thanks again @michaelv377

I had no idea these weren’t already premade and have been using them. Thanks a lot.

Can I get some help importing these sounds? When I import off the link above I get only the Phandalin sound set and Paladin and Wizard Spell.

Nothing comes up when I search for “slw”.


It’s Community Content, so you need to be a Supersyrin subscriber to see it.


Ahh thank you, didn’t realize you need a sub for community content.