Dragon of Icespire Peak Sound Set?

Yes, there is already a really good stand-alone MIMIC SoundSet in Syrinscape, and we try to balance completeness vs SoundSet size and unwieldy-ness.

People’s thoughts?!

I just bought the DIP set as im running that campaign, and my players are about to head to gnomengarde but since it lacks the mimic I’m at a loss I guess I need to go buy the mimic set too? I get the balance issue, but as stated its the big bad of the biggest starter quest. not even a button for its attack or movement?

With that said WOW the set is a great value otherwise. Lots to play with and mix up great job on the town too. Thank you for all your hard work. I just got started and am loveing it.

When is your next gaming session? I will improve Gnomenguard to make it more crowded at least.

In little over a week on sat, as I said I have been loving playing with the mix’s and what not. I’m looking forward to maybe picking up another one of the multi packs (I’m looking forward to the seedey bar to maybe have a drunk miner stumble in to the tavern) I like the program very much. Had a lot of fun last night mixing the sounds and preping some of the battles. Its fun and its not to hard with the custom mood area to map out a sessions progression through a dungeon. I already went and mixed up some battle music in to the gnomengarde sounds for the battle scenes i even added some swooshs, a little swoard on sheald hits, a few board creaks, and some chair sounds to make the crossbow fight. It sounds great. Your tools are very cool and fun to play with. Thank you guys for makeing this.


I think Babyblue’s situation was my primary concern. I’m a SuperSyrin so I have access to the mimic set and can make it work easily enough, but for those who are buying JUST the soundest of the campaign they’re playing, it’s a gap. Those with even just a D&D subscription would get the Mimic set as part of that, yes?

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We hear you. Coming the end of the week I will edit the soundset so that everybody should be happy. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, This sort of feedback is suuuuuuper useful and helps us get our content as close to perfect as possible (considering all the factors inputting into this, including the desire to keep the SoundSets as small as possible, as rich as possible, as easy to navigate as possible, as AWESOME as possible). :slight_smile:

@new_vision Thank You that is really great to hear. its cool that you guys will take feedback from your users and then use that input to make things better for everyone. … it should be noted that i have added 2 months of SuperSyren which i did to play with the creators tools and test to see if there is more i may want to buy down the road. I am ok for now as i can just add in the mimic for my Gnomengarde. but yes it was a let down that the mimic was left out. in the future if I want to DM this for another group I should not need to buy the mimic or subscribe again since I now own that set. I’m sure that others might be in my situation.

Also in playing with things I found one thing Misty pool is AMAZING with the approach that is sooooo cool … but there should be a waterfall in the elements not a whole mood just a waterfall without the delay in the elements so some one can turn it on real quick in case players cross the bridge or go back outside as turning back on misty pool restarts the approach. its a small thing but with out the super tools I have no way to play that without the delay.


If you happen to get SuperSyrin again, or happen to have this set - Mountain Pass has a “waterfall” element that you could use for frequent waterfall crossing/backtracking.

Thanks, we are always trying to create the best experience for you lot. :slight_smile:

Regarding the waterfall - there is the element “Big waterfall (delayed)”, which - when started by a mood - triggers roughly 90 seconds after the mood starts. However: if you trigger it manually, you have the instant waterfall you need, as the manual activation of an element overrides the delay settings.

I could have named it just “Big waterfall”, but having the mood in mind, it was a choice made to keep track of “what happens when”. Also - if someone would have used that element in a custom mood, one would be confused as the waterfall wouldn’t start instantly in the custom mood (due to the incorporated delay).

Update - there are more gnomes running around in the kitchen now, making it easier for the DM to add or reduce the amount of gnomes needed.

Plus - the mimic now makes its appearence to devour the PCs.



that is awesome :smile:

your program is great keep up the good work


This is a really good and healthy and happy creator+user interaction. Good job all round! :slight_smile: :beers: :whale: :space_invader:


Can I bump this to inquire if there are any plans to release sound sets for Storm Lord’s Wrath, Sleeping Dragon’s Wake, and Divine Contention this year? My party is just rolling through Gnomengarde this week and I’ve only just discovered this amazing system today, but I plan on using it for the entire DIP section and would like to support these talented content creators through the coming months as well.


I’d also like to know if there are plans for Storm Lord’s Wrath, Sleeping Dragon’s Wake, and Divine Contention as I’m about to start a campaign. I don’t want to set high audio excellence expectations with my players for the first levels and then disappoint with the last ones.

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Also wondering if there is a plan for the extra modules for icespire peak being planned: storm lords wrath/ect?

This may well need to be a thing! :slight_smile: :smiley:

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I’ve also hit this point.
I spend enough time preparing and rewriting for an experienced team who won’t follow the main plot to be also setting up new sounds for the later parts of this campaign.

@jediconic @Farling @kennethbieber

If it helps, I just shared my custom created campaign of Storm Lord’s Wrath.
It worked pretty well for our group!

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Yo awesome!!! I will be running this in like 2-3 weeks so I will definitely give it a try. Thank you!!!