Dungeons & Dragons: Sleeping Dragon's Wake

Hello Everyone!

Back again after creating the “Storm Lord’s Wrath”, I have finished the second of three books in the post-Icespire Peak Trilogy.

I’ve submitted the following Soundsets for review:

  • Sleeping Dragon’s Wake: Death Knight-Dreadnaught
  • Sleeping Dragon’s Wake: Leilon Point
  • Sleeping Dragon’s Wake: Bronze Shrine
  • Sleeping Dragon’s Wake: Iniarv’s Tower
  • Sleeping Dragon’s Wake: Claugiyliamatar’s Lair (this was a beast to make)

Again as before, I am by no means a professional at these.
Simply mixing and matching and tweaking to make moods that fit the descriptions given in the encounters.

Feel free to provide feed back and let me know what you think or how I can improve!

Full campaign link below should be accessible once the SoundSets clear the approval process:

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I’ll probably be starting this soon in the new year. Looking forward to it being approved.

@neildoyle, Hopefully this will be approved soon!
@benjamin, would it be okay to poke you to check on the progress of this?

Would love it if this happened today. Have another session tonight. But I get holidays and sounds like they got a lot of other things done in December as well.

I wish you would be able to make use of these sound sets as soon as possible too.

Sorry this is taking so long, it’s a bit frustrating to have not heard any follow up from the Syrinscape Team after a full month now.
I do realize that this was posted close to the holiday, so it may have simply slipped under the radar.

For the Syrinscape Team: If there’s anything that I’ve submitted incorrectly, please let me know. I’ve put a fair bit of time and effort into these sound sets and I’d be happy to see others able to enjoy and make use of them.

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Yup, sorry we missed this. Things have been very busy with the holidays and our holiday releases!

I’m going through these now and they sound great. They should all be live as community content a little later today.

Great work @michaelv377! :grinning:

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Thank you! I’m just starting my session with them now.

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Thank you so much, @Steve!
Feedback is always appreciated!

I’m beginning work on the last third of the trilogy and should hopefully have it done in a few weeks.

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Thanks for those soundsets. I have a little problem with the bronze shrine one. there is the red flag on it. when i click reload on settings it appear as available update. if i update it keep the red flag and is always marked as update in settings. If i clear it using clear soundset data it seems to work but if i reinstall it, there goes the red flag. The other sleeping dragon’s are fine though.

I’m having this same problem too. It’s not updating it appears when you try to update the sound set even though it is indicating that it needs to be updated.

Yeah, this is an irritating little bug that occasionally crops up. The red flag gets stuck and won’t turn off. As long as you have run an update of the set then you will have the latest version of it (There haven’t been any updates since it was published) The flag should eventually clear itself from the cache

This is an error that’s on the Dev’s list of things, so it will be looked at when they are able to. In the meantime, it won’t effect the soundset or your use of it.

My group is starting this adventure this week. Perfect timing.

@michaelv377 Thanks for the SLW soundset, it saved me a lot of time figuring things out on my own and my players loved it…I just downloaded SDW since we’ll probably be starting that campaign next week; these sets are great as well…thanks for building these!

Just as a heads up for anyone in this thread, I’ve gone ahead and published the final set: Divine Contention.
Awaiting approval, but you can check out the thread here: Dungeons & Dragons: Divine Contention


I’m going t be running those modules soon where do I find this content? I don’t find it when I search for Sleeping Dragon’s Wake.

Did you ever do a sound set for Icespire Peak Essentials Kit: Divine Contention?