Dungeons & Dragons: Divine Contention

Hello once more, fellow friends!

After creating the Storm Lord’s Wrath and Sleeping Dragon’s Wake campaigns, I have finally completed the last third of the post-Icespire Peak trilogy!

This campaign includes the following SoundSets:

  • Divine Contention: Dumathoin’s Gulch
  • Divine Contention: Icingdeath and Twinkle
  • Divine Contention: Thalivar’s Beacon
  • Divine Contention: Leilon Besieged
  • Divine Contention: Ebondeath’s Mausoleum
  • Divine Contention: Storm Lord’s Hideout

What a journey this has been! I’ve been learning a lot by using the SoundSet Creator, and I’m particularly happy with how Leilon Besieged turned out.
Definitely got to stretch my skills with using timing and layering of elements.

Hope you all enjoy these SoundSets! As always feedback is welcome.

Link to campaign is here, SoundSets should be available as soon as they get approved.

P.S. I am currently working on making Candlekeep Mysteries SoundSets.
Is there any interest in these? Would anyone here want me to publish them?


Awesome! Well done. It’s so satisfying making soundsets isnt it?

Funny you should mention Candlekeep. I’ve just started playing adventure 1 and also fiddling with making my own soundsets as I think I’m going to play most, if not all of them and it’s always nice to have a bit of ambience.

Hey there, I appreciate the work you’ve put into these sound sets. I happen to be running this trilogy and we’re wrapping up Sleeping Dragon’s Wake so I’m looking forward to running Divine Contention.

I’m also interested in Candlekeep Mysteries because I’ll probably be running that for another group.

Thanks again for your work, if there’s any way I can buy you a coffee or contribute a little bit please let me know.

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Any update on the approval status on these soundscapes? I’m restarting my prost-Icepsire Peak trillogy campaign now that my group is fully vaccinated and we’re soon wrapping up Sleeping Dragon’s Wake and moving into Divine Contention.

Unfortunately, once I submit the SoundSets for approval, it is out of my hands.

It’s quite disappointing that it has been two months since submission without any feedback, but I understand the Syrinscape team is very busy with plenty of new features and works of their own.

Poking @Steve or @benjamin, would it be possible to look into the sound sets listed at the beginning of this thread to have them approved?

Thanks for the poke @michaelv377, I shall take a look tomorrow at these. It’s always best to email us at support if you have soundsets that you would like to get published as Community Content, that way one of us can look for them straight away. If you just submit them through the Creator they can get easily overlooked :grin:

Thanks Steve!
If possible, would it be possible to add a line in the submission block in the editor about e-mailing?

This direction isn’t listed there and my assumption when clicking the “publish” button would be that your team would be automatically notified about the entry.

Seems like there is a bit of disconnect in communication that could be cleaned up to avoid these overlooked mistakes and delays.

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Hoping they approve your soundsets submission. I would love to check out the candlekeep ones you did as I’m running that this weekend. Great job on what you have made so far.

They are sounding great, I’m going through them all at the moment

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Are these fully approved yet? I tried importing the campaign but it only gave me the Leilon soundset from slw.

I just checked and these SoundSets are still pending approval.

At this point I am very disappointed in the process of trying to assist with this community and otherwise great audio/game enchancing tool.
It has literally been three months since I submitted these for review and I apologize to all of those were looking forward to using them in their campaign.

I’ve completed 8 of the 16 books for Candlekeep, but honestly, with how much of a hassle it is to get these submitted and out to the community, I don’t know if it is worth it.

Apologies to all; hopefully the team at Syrinscape will figure things out, but this will probably be my last SoundSet campaign publishing.

Fantastic work on these @michaelv377. Sorry it took so long to review but they were big sets, so it does take us a while to be able to go through them all.

The soundsets are now live and available to all Supersyrin subscribers as Community Content.

You will find all six of the Soundsets in the Fantasy Player under the name “Celestial Discord

Again, some excellent work and a perfect accompaniment to the Divine Contention adventure


Due to the name changes, some of the adventures may be hard to line up.
Here’s a handy chart below to make the numbers match up with the adventures in the book.

Celestial Discord One: Dumathoin’s Gulch
Celestial Discord Two: Ebondeath’s Mausoleum
Celestial Discord Three: Icingdeath and Twinkle
Celestial Discord Four: Leilon Besieged
Celestial Discord Five: Storm Lord’s Hideout
Celestial Discord Six: Thalivar’s Beacon

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Hey @michaelv377

I’ve contacted you directly by email with more info around where we are up to with these names etc… (literally in discussion with the copyright holder).

Soz for the surprise. We are working on a good solution around ALL of these.

Also note: we are a small team, so are not able to always acheive everything we would like to quite as quickly as we would love to…

…but we did actually discuss the issue of being slow to switch on community content in our team meeting this very week, and are putting someone onto the task in a more focused way = am actually quite excited about how this is going to help.

SORRY for your frustrations and THANK YOU for your patience!

I offer emote pizza and beers as thanks = :pizza: :beer:

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These adventures are now called their proper name, and are the first every bit of official “D&D Community Content”! Congratulations, @michaelv377 and of course, THANKS for you hard work getting these done!

Divine Contention



Is this still up? I’m not finding it on the player.

Do you have the Supersyrin subscriber? Divine Contention is community content, so you have to have that subscription to see it.

I have it as a campaign if this helps finding it faster and to create your own campaign