Syrinscape ProTip #14 - Integrating Syrinscape with Fantasy Grounds by SmiteWorks (PC only)


I’ve followed Dulux_Oz over here from Fantasy Grounds. Props to him for his too-good-to-be-true extension linking Syrinscape and Fantasy Grounds. I’m sure his work has expanded Syrinscape use and likely has generated new customers from the FG community.

EDIT: …aaaand the ranks of new customers now officially include me.


So, a little bit of a Self-Plug, but I’ve just released a new version of the DOE: Sound which integrates Syrinscape into the Fantasy Grounds VTT. This is a pretty major update so I thought I’d highlight a couple of the new features here.

But before anyone says it, yes, you can do a lot of what I’ve done from inside Syrinscape itself - here’s another way to do things, especially if you’re an FG-user more than a “pure” Syrinscape-user (but hey, why not be both :smile: ).

So, this has quite a few new features, including Multi-Trigger ChatSounds (have a sound play automatically when a given set of characters appear in the ChatBox), the use of Magic Characters in Chatsound Triggers, the ability to give a Delay to a Sound, Chatsound and Autosound, and also the ability to Chain-Sounds together so that one will trigger another.

For everybody’s interest I’ve included a screen-shot of a ChatSound Record which is the start of a 7-sound Sound-Chain (also shown). I’m also trying to work out how to included (as an mp3 file) an audio capture of the Sound-Chain in action. I’ve called in Wilhelm Tell - if you know the legend of William Tell you’ll get the joke. So picture the Baron’s men, poor Wilhelm standing against the tree with an apple on his head, the villagers gathered around, and Wilhelm’s father drawing back his bow…


Hi there I’m brand new to Syrinscape, but I’ve been using Fantasy grounds for some time now and I was wondering, does everyone connecting to the game have to have the plugin to be able to hear everything or just the DM?


The DOE: Sound can be used in one of two ways (and both ways can be used together in a “mixed” environment):

  1. Only one person has Syrinscape (or whatever Audio App is being used) and they pump the sound down a VoIP App (Teamspeak, Skype, whatever). This person does not have to be the GM (although the GM still control things), and/or
  2. Each person has a copy of Syrinscape (and the relevant SoundSets) and each plays sounds “locally”.

But come on over to the Fantasy Grounds Forums and join in the conversation on the DOE: Sound Thread there if you’d like further information. :smile:


Because, @Dulux_Oz = AMAZING! :cookie: :beers:


I finally configured using Discord, and configure some spell sounds, with the help of Lord Gwydion. I’d like to know how do you guys use your set up for active/chatsounds.


Yes! So great to hear. Are you just asking what sounds we use or do you need help specifically with how to create chatsounds? Or, are you asking generally how we use them in our games? Happy to help!


What sounds are you guys using and how? for example, do you have sounds for every spells and attack? Or something like that?


I have sounds now for virtually every spell and effect that autotrigger from chat. That is mainly how I use it. Also some auto sounds for thinks like beginning combat, monster deaths, critical hits, etc… It is a joyous, sound-filled experience! :smile:


Feeling happy! :smile:


Damn, you should do another video tutorial for all that!


Yeah. Rob2e did most of the heavy lifting, I just helped with matching up the sounds. I still need to get with Dulux-Oz and find a way to distribute the module to others (probably for some fee so Dulux-Oz and Rob could get some payment as it was a TON of work). Its on my list to get with him on! Will keep you posted.


How does the sound set up work if it’s a player that has the Syrinscape sub and his DM wants to play the sounds/music?

I have your extensions and Rob2e sounds also. I’ve got it working with discord when I’m the DM but just testing, but is there a guide for this type of setup?

Best wishes


Yes, its detailed in the DOE:Sound Manual.

In short, the person (Player(s) and/or GM) that wants to hear Sounds locally needs to turn ON Sounds in the FG Options, have Syrinscape loaded, and have the required Soundset installed. Those people (Player(s) and/or GM) who do not want to hear Sounds locally need to have Sounds turned OFF in the FG Options (&, obviously, don’t need to have Syrinscape loaded).

In this way, anyone can be the source of Sounds (ie have Syrinscape loaded) and then pump that sound down a VoIP (like TeamSpeak) - its DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THE GM! But the GM will still be able to control the Sounds via Syrinscape - or, everyone can have Syrinscape loaded and then the group does not have to worry about pumping the sound down a VoIP.

Does that make sense? :smile:



Not sure. In the player with the sounds used by the GM setup, does that still mean all players must have Syrinscape loaded?

So would chat sounds work if they are loaded by the DM, but the link to Syrinscape was through me? Everyone turned on sound but not Syrinscape.

I’ll go and read the manual and perhaps it will be clearer. :grinning:


OK, so let me explain things like this:

  1. In FG, when someone does something (it doesn’t matter who) the signal for that action travels across the Internet to the GM’s computer - if it was the GM that did something the signal still “travels” to the GM’s computer.
  2. Once the GM’s computer receives the signal (even if it was the GM’s computer that generated the signal in the first place) the GM’s computer does whatever it needs to do and then sends back to everyone the results.
  3. Each computer connected to the GM’s computer receives the results (including the GM’s computer) and acts upon the them (if the result is relevant to them), displaying or updating the Players’ screens, etc.

This is the basic architecture of Fantasy Grounds.

So, in particular to Sounds:

  1. Someone (it doesn’t matter who) triggers a SoundLink manually or via a ChatSound (again, it doesn’t matter who - it just gets triggered).
  2. The DOE:Sound sends a message to the GM’s computer.
  3. The GM’s computer sends a message to every computer connected to the GM’s computer (ie all the Players).
  4. Each computer receives the message (including the GM’s computer) and checks to see if Sounds are turned ON in the FG Options.
    a) If Sounds are turned OFF nothing happens: the message is discarded.
    b) If Sounds are turned ON, the local copy of Fantasy Grounds sends a message via the computer’s operating system to the Sound App (ie Syrinscape) to play the desired sound.
  5. If Syrinscape is loaded and the relevant SoundSet is installed, Syrinscape plays the desired Sound.

So, does that help? :smile:



IIt certainly helps, but…

Do we still all need Syrinscape loaded and soundsets installed or does my Syrinscape send all the sounds around to the players and GM when something gets triggered?


  1. Do all players and DM need your Base and Sound Extension loaded?
  2. Sounds turned on in options.
  3. Does the DM need to have all the chat sounds loaded or me?
  4. For Discord, is it me that sets up the second instance for the sounds using my VB-Cables or the DM?

I appreciate your help in all this.



  1. Only the GM needs to load any Extensions - the players get ALL their info from the GM’s computer when they connecr.
  2. Only the person or persons who is/are going to run Syrinscape needs Sounds Turned ON in the FG Options - everyone else should have Sounds turned OFF.
  3. Like in (1) abaove, the Players get all their info from the GM’s computer, so it is the GM who needs to have ChatSounds, etc defined (think of them like Maps, or Story Entries). If the GM wants the players to trigger sounds MANUALLY then the GM will needs to share the individual SoundRecords - this does not apply to ChatSounds triggered via the ChatBox (It is the GM’s computer that is triggering those ChatSounds when the trigger conditions appear in the GM’s Chatbox).
  4. The person who is running Syrinscape needs to be the one to pump the sound into Discord (ie you).

The system is in two parts: the FG-part and the Syrinscape-part - the GM does the bulk of the FG-part and, in this case, you do the Syrinscape-part.

Remember, it is Syrinscape that is producing the sound, so it is whoever is running Syrinscape that needs to pump it into Discord. FG (& the DOE:Sound) is only controlling Syrinscape - in this case, over the Internet from the GM’s copy of FG to your copy of FG to your copy of Syrinscape to Discord :smile:

Clear? :smile:


I believe it is.

In 2. above, The GM has sounds turned off too?

You help is greatly appreciated.


Yes, because the GM is not running Syrinscape (in this case).