Syrinscape ProTip #14 - Integrating Syrinscape with Fantasy Grounds by SmiteWorks (PC only)


Thanks sooo much for helping out @Dulux_Oz :cookie::beers::pizza:


Hi again.

We did get it working with a few teething issues, which we are going to try and resolve again today.

One is that the GM is getting this message every time he clicks on a sound. Am I right in assuming that he shouldn’t do that, but just trigger the sound from the chat window?

“you’ll need a new app to open this syrinscape-fantasy look for an app in the store”

He was also getting an echo on his voice when I was talking or a sound was playing. All fine at my end though.

Any thoughts?


Confirm that the GM has Sounds turn OFF in the Fantasy grounds options.

Echo issues are usually caused by the VoIP app (perhaps the settings) - usually its because the Microphone is picking up sound from the speakers and replaying it. Generally, most of my guys use either Headphone/Mics or set up Push-To-Talk with their chosen VoIP App - others here may have other suggestions.


If you are using Discord it does have an echo reduction setting located under voice options that might help. A headset would be the sure fire way to fix it though.


So I’m hearing all sounds both from when I trigger and the GM, but the GM is not hearing a thing.


All sorted. Seems I hadn’t got it set up correctly my end with Voicemeter. Now all good.