Syrinscape ProTip #14 - Integrating Syrinscape with Fantasy Grounds by SmiteWorks (PC only)


I picked up the 5E WotC Theme today so I’ll tear it apart and see about getting the DOEs (all the DOEs) to “fit” better


The guys at fantasy grounds gave me some good access, so I’ll download and play now. I’m definitely interested in running a game. Might be fun to stream it on Twitch (being the show off I am).

At the very least we can entertain a few people with my technical ineptness.


I’d be interested in getting in on a game via FG. I’ve only ever DMed before, so I’d actually have the chance to play for a change.


love the ext. but cant figure out how to set up auto sound i read over the mod didnt see it. is there a video to watch?


No, no video.

If you mean setting up Autosounds on existing Triggers then the system “learns” which Triggers are available while a game is being played - then the GM simply needs to add the appropriate Sound String to the automatically generated Autosound Entries.

If you mean setting up new Autosound Triggers then its up to the individual Ruleset Devs and Community Devs to code in extra Triggers (as per the relevant page of the Manual) - setting up new Triggers is a programming task and so requires specific coding; not soemthing you can put in a 5, 10 or even 60 minute video.


Took a bit of work on my end, but, I did manage to get it playing on her laptop. The sound comes through great!


works great s thanks


Hey @Dulux_Oz , I was wondering if there was any feasibility for DOESoundboard to work with the Mutant and Masterminds ruleset expansion? Currently it works great for D&D but I’d love to be able to do the same when playing M&M in FG, especially now that there will be specific M&M Syrinscape soundsets coming out.

At the minute the only DOE extension that shows up when I’m using the M&M rulesets is the moon tracker, although I’ve not yet tested it.

Cheers :grin:


Hi Cal,

All of the DOEs only work with Rulesets based on the CoreRPG - CoreRPG-Children, and only those that I’ve tested, such as the DnDs, Savage Worlds, Call of Cthulhu, C&C, etc. M&M is not based on the CoreRPG (Non-CoreRPG-Child), so none of the DOEs will work with it. Non-CoreRPG-Child Rulesets often do common tasks in different ways to each other, which was why the whole “Layered Ruleset” model was introduced a few years ago: to “standardize” the way things work. Writing Extensions to cater to all the non-CoreRPG-Children is an unholy task of herculean proportions - or, in other words, is not feasible.

The Moon Tracker Extension is not a DOE (Dulux-Oz Extension) - I didn’t write it - so I can say if it’ll work or not. Just because an Extension shows up in a Ruleset’s list doesn’t mean it’ll work - some Extension Authors are amateurs/lazy and simply don’t restrict their Extension to known working Rulesets (it is bad practice to not restrict Extensions).

So the short answer (too late) is that no, until the M&M author (or someone else) brings the M&M Ruleset up to “standard” then the DOESound and other DOEs won’t work. This will also be the case if Smite Works integrates my DOESound code into the base product - the CoreRPG - non-CoreRPG-Child Rulesets won’t have the functionality either.



That’s a real shame but thanks for the explanation. The M&M ruleset is a Smiteworks product so Hopefully one day They might update it to the core rules but until then looks like I’ll have to do it the old fashioned way :smiley:

Since their talking about FG3 I’m guessing updated rulesets are very unlikely but hopefully the new version might better standardise things.


Still amazed at this build! Awesome work and THANK YOU @Dulux_Oz


Just a quick update - and a tease for everyone - I just got the DOESound Extension to play a sound remotely to a copy of Fantasy Grounds/Syrinscape located across the Internet (about 600km in physical distant away) - without using Teamspeak, Skype or any other comms system.

Looks like the new version is coming along nicely (and as I said, I’m such a tease) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Can NOT officially actually wait!


So, with v3.2 of Fantasy Grounds being released today (2-Nov-16) I’ve also released v2 of the DOE: Sound Extension, with all new functionality, etc. Check it out on the Fantasy Grounds Forums (& PLEASE read the Manual/Wiki Entry on how to use it properly :smile: )



@Dulux_Oz that’s great,

I’ve just logged in to spread the word :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you very much for your quickness. It is an amazing extension and very useful indeed. Everyone using Fantasy Grounds should try it. Looking forward to try the new functionalities :smile:



Fantastic news! Thanks very much @Dulux_Oz, Can’t wait to try it out! :stuck_out_tongue:


I can vouch for this already and I can happily say it makes my spreadsheet with all the links, etc. obsolete! Yay!

Having already played with the extension I can say the following:

1 - It is awesome!!!
2 - Read the wiki! Even if you used the first version there are new items in this one and you really should read the wiki to avoid having to ask basic questions like, “why doesn’t the sound play when I click a link”? There is a reason. If you read the wiki, you will know.

Great work, Dulux-Oz!


Just a quick update for everyone - there’s a new version of the DOE: Sound Extension for Fantasy Grounds available today (19-Jan-2017) from the Fantasy Grounds Forums (the links are above).

This new version, apart from updating to remain compatible with the latest version of Fantasy Grounds, improves the Chatsound functionality to allow for the recognition of more complex triggering strings.



Fantastic! thanks @Dulux_Oz I look forward to trying it out :smile:


Waiting for MACke it real!! :heart_eyes: