Syrinscape ProTip #12 - Mac OS and Teamspeak


Has anyone been able to get Syrinscape working with TeamSpeak on mac os? I have tried both audio jack and soundflower with no success.

Is there a setting I am missing?


Syrinscape with Loopback for MacOS and TeamSpeak/Discord - FIXED

Good luck with this! I can definitely offer no help, but make sure you make a nice post when you work it out, because others are sure to want to know too! :slight_smile:



Well I have it working, I will write something up for the forum.


Oh ysy!!

Yes, definitely write something up when uou can to help others!




I’d be grateful for any information you can share with regards to getting Syrinscape and TeamSpeak playing nice together on a Mac.

Thank you very much.



Hey I have some screen shots, and I will get them posted this weekend. Sorry for the delay.


That’s fantastic, I really look forward to it. I’d much prefer to run my campaign from my Mac than from my Windows machine.


Thanks so much @jim_s_mckay!

There’s lots of people who will really appreciate the help (untill we come up with our better solution). :smile:


Hi, @jim_s_mckay. I don’t mean to pester, but is there any chance you could pass along some of that info? Even if you don’t have time for a full-on guide, could you maybe just tell us what software you use and any particular settings?

Thanks very much.



First and foremost, I apologize for the delay in getting this out.

To integrate Syrinscape so that you can use it with TeamSpeak, OBS etc these are the steps that is needed.

  • Configure your main Audio Output in System Settings to use the Aggregate Device.

  • Configure your Audio Input in System Settings to use SoundFlower. Make sure you check off the Continuous Transmission and Remove Background Noise.

  • Open TeamSpeak

  • Create a new Identity CMD-I

  • Reconfigure your Default Capture to use your microphone (I use a headset) in TeamSpeak Settings. (CMD-,)

  • Reconfigure your Default Playback to use your playback device (eg headphones, speakers etc).

  • Create a new profile so you can broadcast your mac audio to another channel (use the + button).
  • Configure the profile capture to use the Soundflower (2ch) as its input. Ensure to enable the echo reduction.

  • Configure the new profile playback to use the default device

  • Add a new Bookmark for your new Identity. The capture and playback profile should match the new profile you just created.

  • Connect to your server with you main Identity.
  • Connect to your server with your sound effect identity in a new tab.

  • Start up Syrinscape


Oh wow! THANKS!!!

*moving this to ProTips.


My pleasure Benjamin.


Thank you very much for the effort. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work at all for me. I am easily able to get Syrinscape interfacing with TeamSpeak in a Windows environment, but honestly I’m just tired of grappling with it on a Mac, which is my preferred platform. Sadly, I think I’m going to cancel my Syrinscape membership. This technology is just not ready for prime time yet. Apparently, Battlebards has some big reveal coming up later in the month that will supposedly address this issue in a system-agnostic manner.


Ouch! :frowning:

As for us… look for our Master+Minion pairing which we will be setting up next.

GM machine sends URI calls only to Players Machines that play their own samples remotely.

That’ll give Players complete control over balance, and not force any audio down any bandwidths.


That said…

What VTT are you using @CNYGamer?


I use Fantasy Grounds Ultimate. However, that’s not related to this issue. I don’t use in-game linking in FG (which isn’t even possible for the Mac version of Syrinscape anyway, at this point). When I run games on my Windows box, I control all the sounds from the Syrinscape control panel directly.


How will this work with a DM who is a subscriber and players who are non-subscribers, and who don’t have access to the same material the DM has access to?



  1. the GM/DM will make a game with a sign on code
  2. players will start their players, and sign into the game
  3. this will give them access to any content they will need for the game.

Happy GM + Happy Players. :slight_smile:


@benjamin, may I ask, do you have some sort of rough ETA on when this feature will be available?


Whatever tool you will use @CNYGamer, on the mac this process will need to be done. You need to separate your main output into another channel so you can send the sounds to another application. I use the same methodology for streaming my games, instead I use a Muti-Output Device. The key here is that only the two channels work, not the 64 channels.

Also you need to setup our main sound to point to your output device and the soundflower (2ch) input device.