Syrinscape ProTip #12 - Mac OS and Teamspeak



I have a few questions, if I may.

  1. In the step that reads “Configure your Audio Input in System Settings to use SoundFlower. Make
    sure you check off the Continuous Transmission and Remove Background
    Noise.” is that a copy/paste error? Did you intend for the final sentence to be part of one of the steps for configuring TeamSpeak?

  2. In the MIDI Audio Devices setup, you indicate “Check the Drift Correction.” Your attached screenshot shows drift correction set only for Built-in Output. However, when I follow the steps, drift correction sets itself automatically for Soundflower (2ch). Could you please clarify, does drift correction need to be set for only Built-in Output as per your screen shot, and for nothing else?

  3. In your screen shot for the System Preferences Sound settings, you have Multi-Output Device that is set to Aggregate device. Is that something we need to concern ourselves with for purposes of this setup?

  4. The Soundflower link you included is not the most current version of Soundflower, nor is it a version of Soundflower “approved” for El Capitan. Does the version of Soundflower matter for this setup? Note: I can not get the version of Soundflower that you linked to install on my system running El Capitan 10.11.6, so I installed 2.0b2 (as per this link).

  5. Why do you set up a Playback device for the SoundFX identity? Playback is for listening, and that identity shouldn’t have to listen for anything.

  6. When I follow your steps (with the exception of installing Soundflower 2.0b2 instead of 1.6.6b, because as I mentioned above 1.6.6b won’t install on my system), after I connect to my TeamSpeak server with the SoundFX identity in a new tab, the audio cue “Connected” plays over my Mac speakers. That seems like it shouldn’t be happening. And after that, when I start Syrinscape, all Syrinscape audio also plays over my Mac speakers. Any advice?

Thanks much.


Okay here are a couple of things I found through experimentation:

  • Rather than set up an aggregate device, I instead set up a
    multi-output device, connecting both the built-in output of the Mac
    and Soundflower (2ch) to it. If I select that multi-output device as
    the system sound, Syrinscape will play over both my Mac’s speakers
    AND over TeamSpeak. So that is a massive step forward over no sound over TeamSpeak at all, but still not an ideal situation.

  • If I simply select Soundflower (2ch) as my system sound, and then run
    Syrinscape through TeamSpeak, I hear the Syrinscape sounds ONLY
    over TeamSpeak (via my headset). The only minor disadvantage of this
    is that there will be no system sounds through the speakers at all,
    but during my D&D game I have no need of that anyway.

  • As suspected, there is no need for a playback device to be set up in
    TeamSpeak for the SoundFX configuration.

So for now, this will be sufficient. Hopefully a less clunky solution will come along in the near future. Online gaming via VTTs and VoIP programs is only going to grow and get more popular.


This is all highly useful info, and so very confusing for my brain! :smiley: