Syrinscape with Loopback for MacOS and TeamSpeak/Discord - FIXED


I wanted to move from using SoundFlower as my choice for audio capture partially because I started to incorporate Discord with my games. I found that SoundFlower works well it became overly cumbersome to use and setup. I also found that even with the previous setup I had in Teamspeak things became more complicated. So I decided to switch to using Loopback. Granted this is a paid product, but frankly it is worth every penny. Partially for the simplicity but because it is more more forgiving and easier.

Check out loopback here:

To setup TeamSpeak, please see my other article for the general setup. Syrinscape ProTip #12 - Mac OS and Teamspeak

  1. For loopback you need to create a device that incorporates only TeamSpeak.

  2. Set your system output and inputs to an output other than your headset, and your input to your headset.

  3. Reconfigure your capture device in your soundfx profile in TeamSpeak to point to the new device you created to capture Syrinscape. Similarly set your input to a device that is not being monitored.

  4. Set your playback profile to none, to remove echos in teamspeak.

  5. To configure Discord this is similar however, you need to create a device that captures both your microphone and syrinscape.

  6. You then setup your system settings to point to your input and output (headset etc).

  7. Finally setup Discord to pipe the input to the stream. (Note you need to choose the device you created within loopback).



Extremely very THANK YOU, Jim!!!


How is the sound quality of this method in discord? when I played syrinscape over a 2nd team speak client that the quality was very compressed/ diminished. Perhaps quality loss is unavoidable with this method?


It is my pleasure Ben.



I find that Discord is much better than TeamSpeak. Considering I am running on a MacBook Pro 13 (dual core I5) with 16 GB of ram. Fantasy Grounds is a resource hog, and along with TeamSpeak I would have the cpu spike significantly.

When running TeamSpeak I need to renice both Fantasy Grounds and Syrinscape to a lower priority. With Discord I do not need to.


If I use teamspeak for some games and discord for others, will i need to continually change my Mac sound settings when I switch between the two? Thanks




I tried this approach but my players can only hear Syrinscape while I am actually talking. Any input on how to correct this?