Syrinscape ProTip #08 - Using Syrinscape with Discord for Online Play


May check your mic isn’t harmed or broken first and get that out of the way. The most ideal approach to watch that is to interface your receiver to another PC running any rendition other than Windows 10. On the off chance that the mouthpiece doesn’t chip away at the other PC as well, that implies it could be broken. On the off chance that it works on the other PC that implies you may have a product issue on your Windows 10 PC. Hope you will get the solution of discord mic not working here.


Though, once the Master/Minion goes live then ALL of the stuff above becomes unnecessary (except that you’ll still need this stuff to use the 3rd Party Integration) (for the moment) (until we get that working again).

THANKS for your patience evey one! :cookie:


Just got this working and wanted to say thanks!


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Is there anyway to do something like this on my tablet. I already have so many things going on on my PC that I would like to just dedicate sounds at my fingertips via my tablet, and easy second instance of discord as well this way and give syrinscape a dedicated line. Ideas?


Master Minion… veeeeery soooon! :slight_smile:


As of February 1, 2018, this tip unfortunately no longer works. Discord introduced support for sharing audio from Spotify, and – evidently as part of that – also made Discord automatically pause transmission if your mic sends continuously for 30 seconds or more. This renders it impractical for a GM to share Syrinscape audio via Discord, because you wind up having to keep re-enabling transmission every 30 seconds.

Discord’s help pages offer this reason for the change: “Because Spotify is intended for personal and private use, the auto pause function allows us to stay in compliance with Spotify’s Terms & Conditions.”

Effectively, by enabling Spotify, they have disabled every other program that might stream audio – even those, like SyrinScape, which have nothing to do with Spotify and for which the users have legitimate licenses. Well done, Discord.


Well that sucks hard.
I’ll have to look into that weirdness, cause it would technically also possibly mute anyone just TALKING for longer than 30 seconds straight and I doubt anyone would accept that. We’ll see how things develop, or how to work around it.
Thanks for letting us know!


As far as I see it, this “should” only trigger when the Spotify function is actually used, which could be easily avoided in relation to Syrinscape. Anything else should be considered a bug. I’ll test it out over the week with some pals to see if it triggers and how to circumvent it.


After a little research, it at least appears this issue is specific to spotify. I haven’t tested yet. Here is the article:


This should be solved by the Master/Minion regardless, correct?


When that hits, yes, then this method would become obsolete anyways. :slight_smile:


The Syrinscape Online Player is now ready for people to use.
(a few bugs still, but we are working through them).

Go here: to find out more!


Hi all,
First off thanks to everyone who has put in the time and energy to explain these nuances! I really appreciate it! I’m in a complicated situation because I’m starting a stream with 3 local players and 2 nonlocal players and we want to pump Syrinscape directly into discord. While I’ve gotten Syrinscape to plug into discord (though at an admittedly distant and choppy resolution), my microphone does NOT get sent through as well.

It appears that some people above had problems not hearing the music but I have the opposite problem: my players can hear the music but not me. (Incidentally, I can’t hear the music or myself either…) I will continue to tinker away but if anyone has any tips I’m all ears!


Hey michaeld180,

It would be helpful to know your setup and see screenshots. For example, do you use Voicemeeter Banana? If you want to jump in my discord sometime I can try to help you one on one when we both have time. At the office now, but can help later? Here is an invite in case you want to take me up on the offer:


Just to close this out, I connected with michaeld180 on discord and he figured out a solution on his own.


Awesome, thanks so much for sorting that out @lordgwydione! and to everyone else that has offered help and support on this thread :slight_smile:

We have such a fantastic community :birthday: :cookie: :beers:


Thank you so much for offering to help and then following up with it! Syrinscape is truly a game changer when it comes to upping the quality of table top games!

For anyone curious–although I did not solve my original problem–my work around was to use the online player that benjamin linked earlier:


I’ve followed the instructions and it works great with a snag; my players (I DM D&D over discord/roll20) get an echo of themselves, presumably cus Voicemeeter sends what I hear - intentionally the syrinscape - but also what I hear from them on discord.
Anyone hit/solved this issue?


Yes. I’m sure I can help you out. If you pop into my discord channel I can text chat a bit with you when you have time. I’ll need a screenshot of the following to help you:

discord voice input/output settings
roll20 voice settings (if you are using roll20 for sending and/or receiving voice.)
default windows sound settings (recording/playback)

Let me know if you’re interested.