Syrinscape ProTip #08 - Using Syrinscape with Discord for Online Play


Sounds like you are having a setup problem in VoiceMeeter that relays all audio your headset is getting to the broadcast input. Look which buttons are active. Probably a B1 on your device that is receiving your friends audio, which would send it right back to them.


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Hello everyone. I made the configs and finally my friends are receiving my syrinscape audios. My problem now is that I record the sessions with Camtasia Studio and now it’s recording my voice, syrinscape audios but none of the other discord voices… I think it’s only a matter of reconfig the camtasia but I don’t know where to start.


I use OBS to stream and record so I’m not specifically familiar with Camtasia Studio but I suspect it is somewhat similar. Can you start by telling us how you have syrinscape set up now? Are you using voicemeeter banana for example? That might help us troubleshoot where your problem is.


After a lot of research, I figure how to record it by using OBS Studio…

Next steps, I’ll try to live streaming and configure more chatsounds.


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Hello everyone and thank you for your time.
I am trying to link Syrinscape and Discord using VoiceMeeter, but without any luck. I have followed the instructions found here and in the ProTip #07, but the best I have accomplished is making my friends hear a faint echo of everything that comes out from my headset’s speakers.
Here are some pictures of my setup:

2) Recording

3) VoiceMeeter

4) Discord

Am I doing something wrong? Can you help me? I love Syrinscape and I am in desperate need to make it work for my upcoming Rise of the Runelords game.
Thank you in advance for all your answers.


Sorry for the late reply! Do you have your answer yet? Have you figured it out? If not, DM me on discord and I’ll see if I can help. I stream on twitch so my setup is a little more complicated but I think I can help you get it sorted. I’ll be out of pocket for an hour or so but might be able to help tonight a bit if you’re around. Here is an invite to my discord channel:


Hi Gwydion, thank you very much for your help, but it seems I’ve managed to make it work. The problem was with the volumes, in the end.


Ok. Excellent to hear!


Can you describe what you did because mine is not working either. I get my mic but not syrinscape and my setup is identical to your pictures.


Hey nuwildcat62. I think what emperordiz is saying is his was simply a volume issue. So, I think he needed to change the volume in discord and/or voicemeeter but he got it sorted. For you, are you not getting syrinscape sound at all through voicemeeter? Let us know and I’ll see if I can help. Feel free to join my discord through the link I posted above to chat in more real-time. If the link expired post here and I’ll send another. Should be something simple hopefully to get you sorted.


Hi Gwyndion,

I get my Mic but not Syrinscape when using the setup described. Voicemeeter show Syrinscape but it does not show in Discord.


Ok. First, for the benefit of others who read this as well before I reply, just a quick point. The setup described here is one of several options. The way it is being done, it will end up streaming syrinscape into discord, co-mingled with your microphone. This is fine and probably the simplest way to set it up but I just want to make sure whoever reads this thread understand that both your mic and syrinscape will be running through discord in “one instance”. The main point being that you will need to make sure that your mic is set to voice activation with the sensitivity set low, as syrinscape has no ability to “push to talk”.

On to your issue. I’ll admit I’m a bit of a “literal” guy. So, when you say that syrinscape does not “show” in discord, are you simply saying that when you play a sound you don’t hear it in your headset? If that is the case, I know you said your setup is identical but I still might ask for you to post some screenshots to confirm exactly what your setup is.

We will get this sorted!


Thanks everyone for helping everyone!!! :+1: :smile:

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Can anyone try something out for me? I tested a different (but similar) setup on my computer and got the desired effects.

Download Elgato’s Sound capture software: (you can even download the actual software even if you don’t have an elgato game capture…the software comes with ‘sound capture’ which is what i’m using)

Once it’s downloaded, go into the sound capture software, click on Advanced, and make sure that nothing is selected in the “Where do you want to hear your audio?”. You can have the software assign the sound capture as your system’s default, but i left it unchecked. Your audio input should be your headset.

My idea was that the sound capture software is your virtual line.

Go into your second Discord instance (I used the PTB one).
Settings -> Voice & Video ->
Set input device to “Line (elgato soud capture)” or whatever it’s called on your computer, set the output device to whatever, but make sure the audio is at 0, and deselect the input sensitivity and drag that slider to 0 as well.

Now in your actual Discord, max your server audio bitrate, and make sure you select your actual mic and headset as the input/output.

Then go into your player (i tested this in firefox, setting the audio output to the “Line (Elgato sound capture)”, set the output to the elgato software, and join the discord server. you should hear the music coming from your browser, or syrinscape, piped through elgato, piped into discord, through the internet, back down to everyone who is listening in.

At least it worked for me…so does anyone else want to try to reproduce what I did? I like trying to keep things simple, and not having to install a bunch of other software.



Awesome, Jon! It looks to me as if the Elgato Sound Capture might be an alternative to voicemeeter/voicemeeter banana. The concept seems the same but perhaps elgato might be more intuitive? If I have time I’ll look at it but I’ve used voicemeeter banana so much now and like it that I probably will stay with what I have. However, it is GREAT to have additonal options! Nice find!


Thanks! Let me know if it works for you when you get the chance. I might make a quick video tutorial for people as an alternative. I really wanted to use syrinscape with my group when i’m Dm’ing, so i looked to see what else could work.


Yeah, someone asked me for a video tut the other day when I pointed them at this thread.

Nothing beats really actually seeing someone do the thing right in front of your eyes… especially when you can hit ‘pause’ to catch up.


Videos are always good. Would be great if someone else can try the setup as I’m had voicemeeter banana and VLC setup for some time. I don’t want to introduce another option on my system, but I think it is awesome that there is another option now! Also, there are videos out on youtube from Rob2e on how to set up voicemeeter banana with syrinscape. It would be great, jxg975 if you wanted to work on a video for your setup!