Syrinscape ProTip #08 - Using Syrinscape with Discord for Online Play


Cheers! To clarify, I’m not using roll20 for sound atm, just for maps. If it can be done with just discord that’d be ideal.
I’m just about to head out of town, will get back to you next week.
Thanks! :slight_smile:


Sounds great. Good news on roll20 too. Will make it easier. Should be a 5 min fix… Talk to you when you are back. Safe travels!


Hey guys - I saw the bit about the Spotify issues and worried that would make this method moot. But it looks like there have been some responses here after the Spotify change - so I have some hope. I can get voicemeeter to allow me to hear syrinscape and speak but those in chat are unable to hear syrinscape.

If anyone thinks they can help me out with it and wouldn’t mind helping with some troubleshooting that would be amazing.

I’m a little concerned it may be my headset or something similar at this point.


Hey, Poe. I can’t jump in voice, but I can help in my text chat. The things I will need are as follows:

What are you trying to accomplish? Are you streaming or just sending sound to players? If you jump in my discord and post screenshots of the following I should be able to help:

Windows playback and recording default settings
Discord voice settings

Happy to jump on and try to help for a bit


Just to close this out, we got Poe sorted and ready to stream awesome sounds to the players!



@Gwydion = gold!


Do you go to any of the big Cons we do? I need to buy you food and beer!


I need to go! I’ll definitely have to find one to attend. Would love to meet you guys in person.



What was cool = I’d been saying the same sort of thing to the legendary @HECook for ages… and then this last GenCon she (and her bae) made it to the show. We did drinks and food and hang out. It was lovely.

So let’s intend to do this and it WILL happen.