Syrinscape ProTip #08 - Using Syrinscape with Discord for Online Play


I was having a hard time fixing this problem until I found this image "

This image is of the “Automatically determine input sensitivity” in Discord app for Windows OS. The image is not mine, I found it here (

As shown in the image, I just toggled from disabled to enabled and my mic was working 100% fine.


Hello! I’ve just begun tinkering with this, and seem to have things set up properly as per the two threads (Tip #7 - Skype, and this one for Discord). However, VoiceMeeter does not show activity from the VirtualCable, and I do not hear the active audio from Syrinscape; how do I get Syrinscape to register with the cable? Thanks in advance!


Sorry for the delay. So, I’m typically known as being the “sound” guy but I had a windows update or something go wrong over the weekend and spent a lot of time uninstalling, reinstalling programs, etc… Funny thing is the only thing that won’t work for my is my voice in discord! lol

Anyway, if you join my discord and PM me I’m sure I can get you sorted. Might have to text chat for now until I get my mic back working but I’m confident we can get it going.

I’m at work now but if you can start by posting screenshots of the following in my discord that would be a good start:

Windows default playback and recording
Voicemeeter screen
Discord Voice settings

Also, to confirm, you are trying to send Syrinscape through the virtual cable, correct? Thanks.


No apologies necessary! Currently at work myself, so will be unable to post to your Discord until later today.


Awesome. Here is the invite link:


Just FYI grognard is all set. Just had to change playback device before he launched Syrinscape.


yeah its awesome as i checked last time with it thanks for all the members to share some invite links to connect with more people thanks strike


I used to have issues with OBS frame drops and sometimes it stopped streaming and I had no clue why is this happening. I tried googling and found out my OBS version was not up to date. you can check reasons below that could be probably causing you the issue-

  1. check if OBS version is up to date.
  2. drivers are up to date.
  3. disable windows game bar and DVR.
  4. try to connect to the Ethernet.
  5. do not record and stream at the same time. disable one of those.
    hopefully, that will work. if still issue hasn’t resolved yet, try to fix discord not picking up mic and discord no route with some more solutions for OBS and also you should post a log file on the error.


I’m relatively new to Discord, and just downloaded the Online Player. Is there a way that I can set up a dedicated voice server for Syrinscape Online? No other voice chat, just the effects and music that I use through SO? Thanks for any help in advance.


I have been using Discord since the last 1.5 years for streaming and I have a group of around 800 members for which we use Discord for voice chat and some timeDiscord screen share as well.
I would probably give 9 our 10 to Discord as I love its features, though sometimes I have issues like Discord no route that is fixable and I believe every app have bugs which can be fixed

Purchased soundsets and online player

hey there, I’m having a small but agitating issue. everything is set up and working well but my own audio has an underling crackling sound. Any one know how to fix this?


i should probably mention that its only active when something else is play YouTube, Syrenscape, Ext.


Are you using Voicemeeter or VM Banana? If so, I might be able to help you troubleshoot. Let me know.


voicemeeter what is VM banana ???


There are three different programs that VB-Audio puts out (actually more). Voicemeeter, VM Banana and VM Potato. They are all variations on the same them, each one with more inputs/outputs and more functionality. The crackling issue could be the driver you are using and/or the sample rates.

Might be easier to have you post screenshots in my discord if you are interested so I can see everything. I’m sure I can help.

Here is a link if you want to stop by:


For the love of God!! Need to be a damn sound engineer to figure this out! This isn’t working. having followed the above steps for about a day and a half, still nothing coming through discord.

Is it possible to have someone do up an updated version of these steps?

And why doesn’t the online player just have a streaming link available? Theres a browser Extension called VTT Enhancement Suite that changes Jukebox to allow external links to a streaming service. That would solve all this confusion with one link.


Hey Grant,

Why aren’t you using the Online Player?!?!?!

You and your player run the App on your machines, link it up.

You run the sounds from any Browser.


(That said it would be REALLY nice to be able to control the sounds from within Roll20 like you can with Fantasy Grounds and a number of other good VTTs)



I should be able to help. If you want to join my discord and pm me or go to my “all things sounds” text channel I’ll come by when I can and get you sorted. When you join my channel, if you type !audiohelp in general or all things sounds a bot will tell you what screenshots I need to get started in helping you. Also, please send me a screenshot of voice settings (if any) you are using within Roll20.


Discord joined. Will PM a bit when I’m back home. (I’m fortunate that I’m still working. Essential service)

Thank you


Sounds good! Will try to help when I can.