Syrinscape ProTip #01 - Campaign Manager

The Campaign Manager = the perfect tool for organising and sorting that looooong left hand column of the Syrinscape Player!

Did you know each SoundSet appears by default in just one of the Player apps.
(There are three: Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Board Game).

BUT you can make ANY genre SoundSet show in ANY of the Players by using the Campaign Manager, found here:

For example to make a Sci-fi SoundSet appear in the Fantasy Player:

  1. Make a new Fantasy Campaign (under the Fantasy Tab)
  2. Add any Fantasy SoundSets as you need
  3. Now go to the ALL tab
  4. Add the Sci-fi SoundSets you want to show in this Fantasy Campaign
  5. In the app, Hit RELOAD (under the settings cog) (or restart) (or wait about 60 seconds)
  6. Now your Sci-fi SoundSet will appear under that Campaign in the app (find it by clicking the All SoundSets tab at the very top left and then selecting the Campaign you created)
  7. And also all SoundSets that occur in a Campaign will now also be present in the “All SoundSets” listing AND you’ll be able to keyword search for them too.

The Campaign Manager also has a strong keyword search function to help you find useful things you may be looking for.



You can either DRAG SoundSets into your Campaigns, or use the little + at the bottom right hand corner of the SoundSet art.

NOTE: You can also re-order your SoundSets inside the Campaigns.

AND you CAN have a SoundSet appear more than once in a Campaign.

Ok… I feel REALLY stupid, but I was trying to add a new campaign and for the life of me couldn’t figure out why the “add a new campaign” button wasn’t showing up. I logged out, logged back in, refreshed, etc. and was about to post that it was broken. Then I clicked on “fantasy” instead of “all” and walah! I didn’t realize you had to be on an individual tab (e.g. Scifi, Fantasy or Boardgame) and couldn’t create a campaign from the “all” button. Maybe something to add for the future? :smile:


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Haha yes, just like the Creator you need to pick your destination Player before you can build the Campaign. If you start to build from the Fantasy tab then the campaign will appear in the Fantasy Player, likewise for Sci-fi.

So to build the campaign;

  1. Make a new Campaign using either the Fantasy or Sci-fi tab (this decides which
    player the campaign will appear in.
  2. Add the SoundSets from that player that you would like to appear in your
  3. Now go to the “All” tab
  4. Add the SoundSets from the other Players that you would like to appear in this
  5. Open the Player that you selected for the campaign and hit reload in the app (or
  6. Select the campaign from the top left of the screen to see all of the soundsets
    that you included in the campaign
  7. The soundsets that you added from the other players should also now appear at
    the bottom of the listing on the left of the screen when looking in the campaign
    “All Soundsets”

Ok what am i doing wrong?

Ive made a campaign and named it The Haunting.
I added Abandoned Lunatic Asylum, Deserted House and Call of cthulhu Masks of Nyarlethotep Part 2 New York Meeting Erica Carlyle.
I can see it on the page under Your Campaigns.

But its not in my app. I tried refreshing, nothing happens.
What is the mess up?

Which tab did you create the campaign in, Fantasy or Sci-fi? Make sure you use the tab for whichever version of the app you are wanting to use use

Sheeet. I didnt even notice taht there are different versions of the app. might be the issue. thanks

Is it also possible to make certain “single sounds” available in a campaign at all times?

I guess I would like to edit the “Global One-Shot” sounds.


With a Supersyrin subscription you can mark a oneshot as a Global oneshot, or create a new one using the SoundSet Creator found in the Web Player and that will then sync across to all of your devices :grin:

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