Questions about making custom soundsets


Hi all,
I am trying to create a new sound set in the new environment. I made my own new sound set which was easier in the new interface but it does not show up in my normal player, where I need it. Does this take a while or do I need to publish it? I don’t want to make the soundset public.

Another question is about the global one shots, do they show up in the soundset? I do not want them to.

Overal the new interface is a great improvement!


Glad you are liking the new interface, it’s much more streamlined now :slight_smile:

I will take a little while before it fully processes and sync the soundset out to your devices. Depending on how busy the servers are and the size of your soundset.

You might find it useful to follow this THREAD as its a similar question. Son Of Conan, our lead developer has responded there and is currently looking into the fact that some uploads are taking longer than they should.

Global One-shots are attached to certain soundsets and if you have those installed then they will always appear. If you don’t want them then deleting the sets they are connected to will remove them. You can find the full list HERE


New interface?! What do we need to do to grab that?


The creator is now part of the Syrinscape Online solution. When you download the Online Player and go to the Master Interface you will notice the property inspector and library in the top menu bar of the web interface.
It has a vastly improved search algorithm, streamlined functions and you won’t need to download the sets you want to use in creation, because you access and build directly on the server. So, no upload anymore as well. Give it a try! :slight_smile:

There still may be small hiccups, so if you come across a bug or strange behavior, just post it here or contact support so we can smooth the rough edges.


Sounds fantastic!! I’ll give it a go ASAP!
I made my first ever set with the old system & uploaded earlier today! Lots of fun, but not having to download everything will be great!
I made it for the DM’s Guild module Down Came a Blackbird! Great stuff!


YES!!! :tada: It works like a dream!!!
So easy to make the perfect soundsets!! :heart_eyes:


Excellent! and don’t forget to click the submit for Community Content box if you want us to share your creations with the community and you have only used samples/content that you can freely distribute :slight_smile:


Done! It only uses elements from Syrinscape soundsets, so that’s ok, right? :slightly_smiling_face:


Yep if your only using our content then that’s perfectly fine :slight_smile: