Is Roll20 Integration happening?

So over on the Roll20 sites there was a post about Syrinscape and the development leader Kenton spoke up saying the they reached out and are waiting for a response?

I was a super subscriber for a long time but I dropped the subscription since it could never get the integration with virtual tools to work.

Is this a thing now? I might resub since all I play now and for the future it seems is online

I use Roll20 all the time too. Would be cool if there was some integration.

Hmmm… this is interesting… can you point me to where he actually said this. I haven’t heard anything yet… AND/OR can you give me contact details for him. I’ll be very happy to chat with anybody to help get them set up. :slight_smile: :smiley:

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Here is the link to the Pro forums…that might be the issue

here is capture of it if you do not have a pro account

Hope this helps

I use Roll20 as well, and currently integrate Syrinscape via Discord using VB-Cable approach (pretty much as shown here: basically your computer plays sound via a second instance of Discord and the VB-Cable to the Discord voice channel where everyone is, but to be honest it is hit and miss in quality because of Discord). My players are not keen to download the Syrinscape Online Player. A direct integration into Roll20’s jukebox would be phenomenal! Glad to be a beta tester if you do this.


Thanks for the screen-cap, yes, I can’t get there to see or comment. :frowning:

All I can say is, we are always very happy to chat with 3rd parties about what might be possible integration-wise, there’s LOTs of fun and useful stuff that can happen. Am always happy to chat to whoever wants to reach out.

Looks like Ben is engaged!


This makes me very excited!


And me too (Farling) :slight_smile:

I will certainly stay a sub if this happens! Such a great tool but me and my group struggle with utilization.

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I just wrote a juicy guide on doing this with VoiceMeeter Banana without VB-Cables if you’re interested.
Simplifies the setup a bit and requires less installation.

Thanks - I am on a mac… Also, I had to install the VB cable and another instance of Discord and the config was basically the last section of your guide, so it seems similar in complexity.
My main concern is that it only really works with loud sounds. Anything subtle is lost through Discord and since atmospherics depend often on subtle sounds this is a pity. Also, I don’t want the sound to be competing with the players’ voices…

Yeah, the Online Player is really going to work well for you here. :slight_smile: = pure sound, delivered directly on your own desktop = not relying on any bandwidth and subject to any compression or bumps. That’s why getting it neatly integrated with as many VTTs as possible is a big thing on our shiny list of things to get done well.

Conversations are happening…

That’s the noise suppression and voice detection getting in the way.

Check out the last bit of my guide. It shows what settings to disable in discord to solve this.

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I like this online player conceptually but it removes the client volume control from the DM which is important for setting the mood and atmosphere.

Explain? I think you may be missing a slider that is there?

Correct me if I’m wrong but the client/player has their own volume control enabling them to mute or lower the volume of the music / sound effects.

Personally, I find it important to control that as the DM. It’s a control thing, what can I say haha

Ah yes, he he, I would have never thought of that as a negative feature! I guess you’ll need to BAN your players from touching that, once a general good balance has been set? :slight_smile:

Thanks but I am completely aware of these settings, and the youtube I followed has exactly the same advice on settings as you have ( and the problem is still evident over many game sessions.

Also, my players report echoing across the two Discord instances, which is weird, but another reason why any such setup appears fraught - anyway, that is my take from my experiences. I am not expert at audio engineering, just a person trying to add sound to their VTT. :slight_smile: