Is Roll20 Integration happening?

This is exactly why you should give Syrinscape Online a try. It’s purpose-built for playing the sounds online and has far better audio quality than trying to play Syrinscape (Or any sounds) through a voice channel.

The sounds are literally played directly from your player’s devices so there is no distortion or echo

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Yes, I am doing that now and unfortunately running into the totally anticipated reluctance of some of my players around installing another piece of software. It does work better - I agree with that. (Then again I have learned that some of my players simply muted the discord instance that was playing Syrsinscape also, so probably no net loss.) I still think the ideal solution would be without additional effort by the players, in my opinion, i.e. direct bot integration with Discord or integration with the VTT (Roll20 is what I am using). Probably VTT integration is best because Discord is built to be very focused on voice and works hard to eliminate everything else.

The YouTube guide does not show the Discord advanced settings that are very important. Specifically:
Disable “Noise Suppression” a.k.a “Krisp”
Disable “Echo Cancellation”
Disable “Noise Reduction”
Disable “Automatic Gain Control”

This is not an issue with my methodology, you are only using one Discord instance and one piece of software (VoiceMeeter Banana).
IF you have your heart set on using Discord for the sounds then try reverting to default settings and removing the Virtual Cable and running through my tutorial step by step.

Definitely agree with Steve, the online player is super simple and easy.
That is assuming you’re not a complete gronk like me and want full control over the playback volume compared to my voice

You have those weblinks for the online player. Has anyone found a way to actually call them from Roll20 seamlessly? You can put the link in chat but then it brinks up a dialogue if you’re sure you want to go there and a new page to start and again to stop.

I was hoping with the API or something a pro account could just call the weblinks with a macro and all would be well but it’s not looking like it. :frowning:

Sadly to my understanding Roll20 does not currently allow for the weblinks to work that way :frowning:

Too bad. Something as simple as whitelisting syrinscape in the chat menu to just pass through instead of the double hurdle would work wonders.

Yeah, I’m sad that Roll20 stiiiiiill aren’t keen to get this working for their users.

Everything is ready and working on our end, and using the links and the AMAZING extensions that the community have built in Fantasy Grounds is SUPER fun = auto triggering spell sounds, sounds for critical hits and fumbles, type “fart” in chat and Syrinscape plays a fart sound = so fun!