Help With Organizing Soundsets?


Hey all! Not sure where to put this. Can someone please help? Here’s the situation. My gaming group has lots of spells, powers, and the like. Hence, I have LOTS of one shots that I add to my soundsets for custom use. HOWEVER, my soundset gets so FULL that it’s hard to FIND anything on the fly. As they level, they’ll have MORE spells and sounds. So here’s the question:

IS there a way to MOVE the soundset buttons? Either via the Soundset Creator or the Players? Like, columns or rows would be amazeballs. And honestly, borderline essential. But if that’s not a thing yet, does anyone know if we can at least change the order manually?

Help me Obi-Wan-Kenobi…you’re my only hope!


Do you mean organising the OneShots on the right hand side, OR do you mean organising groups of SoundSets in the left hand column?

Both are possible, btw! :slight_smile:


Hey Ben!! OMG yes! Both, actually. But most importantly, how do I move the OneShots on the right hand side?



Sooo… to organise your SoundSets in the left hand column, look here:
A few details about this feature here:

As for organising your OneShots read this thread:

But noting particularly the end of the conversation that the above link will open up to.

All sense makes? :slight_smile:


OK that does make sense that I can take my own soundsets. Either from scratch or by starting with a preexisting one as a template and then adding/deleting one-shots as I see fit. I’ve been doing that and I love it! Specifically, though, I’m curious if there’s a way to organize the order or appearance of the one-shots on the right hand side. For instance, say you have a 4-person party and then a boss monster. Could I have a “column” for each? So a column for the fighter, one for the rogue, one for cleric, one for wizard, and one for dragon? This would make it infinitely easier to find the one-shot I’m looking for during combat. I know when my wizard casts a spell, it’s in column 4. When the dragon breaths fire, it’s in column 5. Etc…etc… From what I can tell so far, the soundset creator allows me to pile in whatever one-shots I want on the right, which is great. But the placement and order of them seems to be pre-set for preexisting soundsets. Then if you add any, they just get tacked on at the end. Can they be actually moved around in order to make it easier to find them on the fly?


Hmmm… these are good ideas… we’ll probably be looking at dragable customisation of OneShot order in the Online Player… with its HTML5 interface allowing much easier implimentation of that sort of thing… so stay tuned… thought there a quite a few fish to fry before we get to that stuff yet. :blowfish::tropical_fish::fishing_pole_and_fish:


Late to the conversation (I know), but if you use the Fantasy Grounds VTT (even just for prep-work) then there is a Library of all of the sounds (Moods and 1-Shots) in both the Fantasy & the Sci-Fi Players that is fully searchable, etc. The Library is called the DOM Soundlink Library and is designed to work with a FG-plug-in called the DOE: Sound. This might be of use to you.

Check out the relevant FG Forum thread (you’ll find me there, along with quite a few other names you’ll recognise from here).

And just to make things 100% clear - what I’m talking about here is designed and required to be used with Syrinscape (no, I’m not trying to take Ben’s bunsiess; I’m actually trying to help build it). :slight_smile: