Global One Shots - RESOLVED

Is there any way to add/edit/delete the global one shots?

I am playing a fantasy campaign at present, but there are a number of Tech one shots. I don’t need sad trombone, but It would be nice to add links depending on the weather in the season that the campaign is in.

To be honest, this arbitrary list is the one drawback I see to the issue. Heck, even if it were just customizable through the creator, that would be great.

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The global oneshots are linked to several soundsets, once you install the soundset the one-shots will appear in the list. A full listing of them is found HERE

So I know that you can make any one-shot a global one-shot using the Creator. But how to get rid of the default ones that you don’t use? That would be extremely useful.

@zeevious That’s on our list of things to improve with the online player. With the genre player, you can remove global oneshots by uninstalling the soundsets that contain them. If you want to keep the soundset but remove just the global oneshots, you can duplicate the soundset, make its global oneshots not global anymore, and install your custom version of the soundset instead of the official version in the genre player.

Just to add, you can find the list of sets HERE, which contain the Global Oneshots

Any update on the online player? I am tempted to cancel my subscription. Then just purchase the ones i need. Or just use VAC and use another app all together. The online app is the best way except for the fact that I cant even rearrange the global one shots. That alone would be amazing.

Following up on this. I’m enjoying the online player, but don’t seem to be able to delete Global Oneshots I don’t want. I have custom-created a ton of Global Oneshots and put them into easy-to-use order, but they get mucked up with a bunch of Global Oneshots sprinkled in among them that I don’t want. Makes execution VERY difficult.

Also…not sure why there are different interfaces for the online player and the regular downloaded player. Makes switching between playing online and in person a chore.

Hi @aaron, This is on our list of things TO DO: It’s not at the top of the list, but it is rising.

The intention is to be able to set Globals to show or not show, that way you should be able to sort that pan out so it works for you. Stay tuned!

Well… the Regular download is skeuomorphic soas to fit comfortably on the gaming table for in person play, while the Online Player is optimised for browser based delivery.

They are both laid out with the same basic columns/sections, but the Online Player is set out to facilitate editing and customisation, while the regular download is designed to be as minimal as possible.

Can you be more specific about which changes you would suggest to which one?

I’m having similar issues with the one shots in the online player.

Syrinscape online is the best collection of moods in the world, hampered by a clunky interface that makes editing/exporting/creating new sets a pain.

Ideally, what would be REALLY useful: Give me a blank, new soundset (in a column, like the ones you have now). Let me drag and drop soundsets and moods in to work with them. Let me REMOVE global items I don’t care about - I don’t want ANY of the global oneshots - I’m in a fantasy game, I don’t need 95% of these items to be available or shown to me.
Let me set the reverb types individually and EASILY. Let me rename from a context menu, or edit items without clicking through several menus.

There is a ton of power available, but all the items are hidden behind several menus, clicks, or within the interface in a non-obvious way. Loving the recent changes too! Separate volume sliders are perfect!


Amen to that. I do like Syrinscape, and think it has quite the edge on the competition - but it feels like it was developed by folks with a lot of industry knowledge of audio. That’s not entirely a bad thing, and for other folks in that field I’m sure this is second nature. But it creates the same issue as when developers create software apps without any regard to the end-user not knowing the same terminology and business flow that the developer does. For the layfolks, even those of us who are more techie…this layout could use a really good UI/UX review. And yeah, the global one shots are just an example of that.


1st Post and even though I am involved in the audio business, the interface is still really clunky. I’d really just want a blank page and let me add what I need.

However, I’ll work with what I’ve got.

I will also vote for removing the global one shots I don’t need. Way too much real estate taken up by sounds I’ll not be using.

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One more vote for being able to delete global one shots, or at a minimum being able to rearrange them so I can put unused ones at the bottom. An alphabetization feature would be nice also. Today I added global one shots from two different campaigns and found they were segregated on the list rather than being mixed together and in alphabetical order. Syrinscape is overall great, but just this one change would make it amazing for me!

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Yeeep sounding off with another vote to be able to customize the items that show in Global one shots. New subscriber today, and honestly may not renew if this isn’t gonna be coming soon. Judging by this thread it’s been on the to-do list since 2019, that’s a crazy wait time for something that seems like a given with the rest of the customization available.

Yes, this is still something we want to get to.

We have done a HUGE amount of work on many great features between the date this was first asked for and now, but, indeed, not having an actual infinite supply of both dev money and actual dev person hours, this one has not reached the top of the pile yet.

Sorry about that.

NOTE: jumping on here to advocate for this feature getting done sooner, moves it UP the list, so good job on that. :slight_smile:

well then let me add another voice to the chorus.
I know you guys probably have a lot on your list, but these global one shots are clunking up the whole interface. i never use one shots in general and i would LOVE the option to just not see them / have to interact with them at all.
anyway keep up the good work, this is just suggested feedback. :slight_smile:

Well let me say, this should be a ‘all hands on’ #1 priority. It doesn’t matter if you have 300 sounds sets if you can’t organize them well enough to use properly. I sure would like to see a monthly update on this one.

We hear you @jmjustice1967

Adding your voice here helps me set priorities for the dev team.

This one is not currently our #1 priority, but it IS on the important list and I look forward to being able to get stuck into it.

Keep advocating for what is important to you.

It’s actually 757 official & 136 community content SoundSets as of right now.

Though, do note, this is not about organising SoundSets specifically… if you are looking to do that, make sure you have seen that My Campaigns is a thing. That’s already a thing that works. :slight_smile:

The My Campaign is a step in the right direction. Use it, love it, but we need more. Just out of curiosity, what is the number one issue you folks are working on?