Global One Shots - RESOLVED


Is there any way to add/edit/delete the global one shots?

I am playing a fantasy campaign at present, but there are a number of Tech one shots. I don’t need sad trombone, but It would be nice to add links depending on the weather in the season that the campaign is in.

To be honest, this arbitrary list is the one drawback I see to the issue. Heck, even if it were just customizable through the creator, that would be great.


The global oneshots are linked to several soundsets, once you install the soundset the one-shots will appear in the list. A full listing of them is found HERE


So I know that you can make any one-shot a global one-shot using the Creator. But how to get rid of the default ones that you don’t use? That would be extremely useful.


@zeevious That’s on our list of things to improve with the online player. With the genre player, you can remove global oneshots by uninstalling the soundsets that contain them. If you want to keep the soundset but remove just the global oneshots, you can duplicate the soundset, make its global oneshots not global anymore, and install your custom version of the soundset instead of the official version in the genre player.


Just to add, you can find the list of sets HERE, which contain the Global Oneshots