Global One Shots - RESOLVED

The big thing we are working on right now is a ‘far more easy way of getting sound to your friends playing in remote games’. Many people have reported that their players needing to: download & install the Online Player, create an account, link their Player App to their account, follow a link to join their GM’s game… is too complex to achieve.

We are working on a better solution… which I am getting VERY excited to share as soon as we are able.


Hey everybody! Bit late to the party but I specifically went searching for this thread cause I’d love to see this feature added. At the moment we can build a custom array of moods in the ‘Custom’ sound set, which is actually pretty intuitive and great. Would love to do the same with global oneshots. Being able to build the sound effects I need across all packs would be incredible and is the final feature I really need to feel complete with the program.

I also think the Syrinscape app is a bit clunky. I think even just adding a bit more feedback would make a HUGE difference to the app feel. When I press a button, a bit more colour and animation, even slightly, would make the whole experience silky. But mostly I just think that making a board of global oneshots is an amazing feature. As a new subscriber, this is the only feature I’d really want for the foreseeable future.

Keep up the great work!

Adding my vote to the mix as well. While I totally understand remote playability being top priority (especially in the pandemic), the global one shot panel customization is personally my highest priority.

Yes, please add my vote. The sounds are incredible, but the clunky interface was always such a huge bottleneck for me. I stopped using this only because it slowed my game down when I had to remember how to navigate to/find the sounds I wanted on the fly. I miss the sounds, though. Artistically, this is a marvel. Logistically, not so much.

add my vote too.
I definitely love the differents Soundsets, Moods and One Shots available, but we need a way to sort/add/remove Global One Shots, that is the most important feature missing for my own use right now.

Thanks !

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That’s good to know, I’ve tried many ways to get around the online complexity since everyone wants to use Discord which has no real good audio controls. There is always resistance to the complex player.

Also, revisiting when we might be able to remove or hide global one shots.