Discord Bot for Syrinscape Fantasy Player to get Stereo Sound

I have completely revamped my older tutorial here: Discord Bot for Syrinscape to get Stereo Sound and this time I am using the Syrinscape Fantasy Player (which is much easier to install and use). This also will let you use other audio devices and configure them.

Hopefully this one can help some others out that might not like the online player or want some other ways to connect audio to Discord.

Any comments or suggestions on the video are welcome, hope this helps someone out!

If you have ideas for any other tutorials, let me know!


So I just found out Groovy Bot is shutting down and Rythm may be next so this is going to be MEGA helpful now to those people. Thank you so much Amerisun.


This is exactly what i needed to kick off using Syrinscape for my online campaigns! Thanks a lot!


Hey welcome to the cool kids club Thamior. Good to see you here. Enjoy Syrinscape and if you have any questions or need help, you know where to find me.

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This is awesome. I got this working.

Note for any M1 Mac users out there - opus audio - a critical part of the bot - doesn’t work on M1 Macs. I couldn’t get things working on my Mac mini and as soon as I switched to my intel Mac it worked. I had a discussion with the bot author on this.

This is a point in time report - I’m sure that people are working on making those libraries work on M1 chips. Depending on when you read this, it may be worth trying on your own.


It never quite connects to Discord. Under Discord Audio Bot, next to Channels, the icon that you show as “mute” continues to be a loading or connecting circle. Does anyone know what this is about?

It’s probably due to bot permissions. If your server has a had a lot of modifications to it’s permission structure you might need to ensure that the bot has access to the channel / server properly. My tutorial assumes a fresh out of the box server with default configuration, I even created a tutorial server just for this purpose.

Go to your server settings, then “Roles” area. There should be a role that’s named whatever you named your bot, in my tutorial you can see it below, and at the 3 dots you can click “View Server As Role”. If you cannot see the channels or connect to them, then check that roles permission and make sure it has at least View Channels, Connect and Speak permissions on the server. If your server is more restrictive than normal, you might need more permissions to make this work.

Rythm bot is also being shut down, one of the other major sources of music for RPG players in Discord so hopefully more people will come by and check this out :slight_smile: Thank you again @Amerisun for your tutorials.

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