Discord Bot for Syrinscape to get Stereo Sound

Yeah, I’m failing right at the start :see_no_evil: Step 2 brings up -bash: brew: command not found and further down #!/bin/bash: no such file or directory.

Hmmm, I think that url may be broken now, try copying/pasting this command:

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install.sh)"

Let me know if that doesn’t work or you run into a new problem

Awesome, seem to be making progress but now I’m stuck at part 6, I get -bash:thenn: command not found.

Part of the problem could be that copy/pasting from the PDF isn’t proving efficient as it seems to put spaces in places that shouldn’t have spaces, but I’m not sure where spaces should be. Do you have the guide in a word doc by any chance?

Yeah, looks like a copy/paste problem. Here’s a Word doc version:

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Discord gained popularity among other users as a free Zoom alternative. Nevertheless, it was still complicated to navigate the Discord screen share with no audio issues. but here to get Stereo Sound. after fix this issue you will get better sound.

Took me a while to getting back to it, but finally got it set up and working. Massive thanks for the guide :slight_smile:


If I can get this to work on my main GMing PC, this will be amazing. I guess I don’t then need to get the subscription to Syrinscape. I bought the Two Headed Serpent chapters on a lark last night so test them out to see if I liked this versus the Mac based soundboard with a second discord account option I got to work.

90% of my games are notmally one shots, so I don’t like asked players to do more than show up on time and participate for four hours. This may be a way to up my game even further. Thank you.

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@mdrueen If you want to do this, might be more advantageous to use my newer tutorial that uses Syrinscape Fantasy Player (local player to the PC) instead of the web player. This makes it much easier to install / configure / get running as well. Lots of people prefer this and it’s superior in the form of it playing faster / locally instead of from the cloud.


Is this the version you put up on youtube two weeks ago? I have it book marked

Yup that’s the one. :slight_smile: And you don’t need a subscription, any purchased content or free you can play through the player.


Well happy to report back, it worked like a charm. I assume you just have to activate the bot every time you log into Discord.

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Hey Amerisun,

Thanks for the detailed tutorial! I have been trying to get Syrinscape to work on my server for a while now and cannot seem to figure it out. I have worked through your tutorial a couple times now, uninstalling all the files in between attempts. I thought everything worked this past time I tried, I got the bot to hook up to my syrinscape and to my server, and I can hear the sound effects on my end, but I had one of my players hop on to see if they could hear anything and so far it seems like nothing is happening on their end. The bot is present in the General channel, and indicates that it is producing sound, but nothing shows up for the players. Is there a step I neglected?

Check out this tutorial, instead of using the online player it uses the Fantasy Player (local player) which is easier to use. This tutorial also shows how to edit the audio exactly so that you know how to adjust it to play correctly. Let me know if you do not have the audio setup in this next video, you might have an older Windows 10. I would suggest patching for security fixes and other things, like this great new audio ability.

I tried working through that tutorial as well. It did seem easier to set up, but I am still having the same issue where sound is not being produced for the players on the other end of the call. I can control the volume of the Fantasy Player through the bot on discord, so I know that it is trying to play through the bot at least.

Do you have the version of Windows used in the tutorial? In sounds were you able to pipe the output of the Fantasy Player directly to Virtual Audio Cable? Or do you have an older windows without that feature?

If that’s the case, or you could just try it, switch your playback device to the Virtual Audio Cable before launching Syrinscape Fantasy Player. Then launch Syrinscape Fantasy Player. Then you can change your playback to say your headphones. Usually once you launch Syrinscape Player it will keep it’s audio device even if you change it in Windows, depending.

Double check also your Virtual Audio Cable is not muted / volume turned all the way down, just to be sure also.

I will give that a try tomorrow and report back whether I was able to get it to work or not. I should have the same version of Windows, so maybe it is an issue of not having the playback device set up correctly when I launch the Fantasy Player. I did check to make sure that nothing was muted, but I may have missed something.

Well, I was thinking of doing this Syrinscape thing, but after Voicemeeter decided to screw up Discord, I guess it is a good thing I have not put any money towards Syrinscape.

Now I just need to figure out how to get Discord back up and running.

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UPDATE 4: Almost there, finally got everything installed (required a lot of google searching for the errors I was getting). But now the GUI isn’t popping up when I start…so close

I finally have audio! However, it is mono and I cannot seem to figure out why. I give up for now. This has taken hours just to get to this point but I though bots would let through stereo audio but it seems it won’t.

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I figured out why it was mono, but turns out I wasn’t hearing the sound from Discord. I can’t get any audio out of the pipe and I have installed the necessary parts to make the Mac side work.

Has anyone here gotten it to work on an M1 mac with OS12?

Hey! I know this is an old post… but… can you share a link/reference to the claim that bots output at 384kbps on non boosted servers?