Customize playlist and buttons - RESOLVED



I am currently running Descent into Avernus for my players, using the Syrinscape soundboard to create am immersive experience for them.

Generally I love all the sounds, but sometimes I would love to be able to tweak the sounds pre-session to mute unwanted sounds. For example; I am not a super fan of the battle music in Syrinscape, at least not the sword clashing and generic sounds from PC characters - I feel they kind of break the immersion I’m trying to create. I would love to be able to press the battle music and mute all the unwanted sounds. I know I can go through the list and mute them, but this would happen mid combat and would be reset if I click something else. Is it possible to “copy” a soundset into a new playlist and remove parts of the sounds I do not want to include?

Also; is it possible to create a generic page with single click buttons that I use often? For example, I love the sound of opening doors, secret entrances, traps that spring off, explosions etc. But to search for them during play is somewhat time consuming, often breaking my own concentration on the game for a brief second.

Thanks for advice!


You know that you can create custom moods? You can set Syrinscape to play whatever sounds you want; Syrinscape ProTip #02 - Mix your own MOODs

Also if you are a Supersyrin then you have the real ability to customise your sounds. You can build your own soundsets with the Creator, tailoring them to sound exactly how you want them and you can create your own oneshots and Global oneshots Customise your Global OneShots? YES YOU CAN! :slight_smile: