Syrinscape ProTip #02 - Mix your own MOODs

Did you know you can mix together Elements (3rd column) from different SoundSets and save your new creations as custom MOODs (2nd column).

Get Syrinscape going just how you want. Add some thunder and lightning from “Storm” to the “Red Dragon City Raid”, so your villages can be wet as well as on fire.

Once everything sounds just right, click the little plus at the bottom of the 2nd column and name your creation.

Now you can instantly return Syrinscape to this state, any time you like.

Cool huh?!!



Use the “Custom Moods” SoundSet to collect MOODs (2nd column) from all around Syrinscape. Simply set up Syrinscape playing just as you like, mixing together elements from any of the different SoundSets you have access to. Then go to the “Custom Moods” tab, add in the “Enigmatic Silence” element and hit the little PLUS to save your custom MOOD there.

Now you don’t have to search all through the App for the special setups you’ve created. Collect them all under the one SoundSet.

Add the “Custom Moods” SoundSet into any custom Campaigns you’ve created as a good storehouse for a quick to find pre-set.


Just started using Syrinscape. Have to say I love what this product does, going to use it in a D&D game today. I have to admit, though, that this method of making custom moods by adding in the “Enigmatic Silence” and only being able to save them in these pre-made “Custom Moods” folders is a little bit non-intuitive. Seems like there should be a cleaner way to do this, although I suspect I understand the “why” has to do with how Syrinscape has been programmed and put together.

Is there any way to create more “custom moods” folders, and/or rename them? If not, that would go on my feature request list.



Hi @mountaingrover and welcome to Syrinscape! Thanks for joining us :grin:

Custom moods are really meant for quick and easy creation of moods for your games, the BEST way to make your own soundsets though is with the Syrinscape Soundsets Creator! The creator lets you copy and edit existing soundsets and lets you build compleatly new ones using our sample & music AND and samples that you upload into the creator. Once built you can sync those soundsets to your player and they will appear just like original content ready for you to use at the table. Pretty cool yeah?

The creator is available to anybody with a Supersyrin subscription and can be downloaded from the menu at the top of the main webpage :grin:


Just checking you know you can save custom moods in any of the SoundSets too right?

But yes, what @Steve said, the Syrinscape SoundSet Creator is where the real customisability lives.

And more, yes, = “why” has to do with how Syrinscape has been programmed and put together.


There’s a whole lot of “this isn’t working at all” going on. I cannot “simply” hit the plus button to add sounds to my custom moods. It’s extremely frustrating considering I’ve paid for 2 sound sets already
EDIT NM I just figured it out. But, it’s not obvious. There should be a link to a short video that shows how this is done. The dumb info voice is just annoying and hard to follow. Columns? I see boxes and lists, not columns.


Creating a custom mood does not move those particular sound bars to the custom moods area. Why!? Now I have to go back and find them all individually to adjust!? Blargh. This is way more complicated than it should be


Everything’s working fine here. Also, the Custom Mood is basically a workaround for people that have chosen to not get access to the Creator, supported by Ben. It’s limited by its very nature.

Or, to quote Ben quoting Steve:

[quote]"the Syrinscape SoundSet Creator is where the real customisability lives.

And more, yes, = “why” has to do with how Syrinscape has been programmed and put together."[/quote]

Welcome to the Forum. Always nice to read a friendly new guy here. HTH!

Hi there,
I have a question for you. Apologies for its newb-ness, but I am, well … a newb :slight_smile:

If I have, for example, the Pathfinder Wizard and Pathfinder Cleric in my Syrinscape but at the moment the game I’m playing in is low level, can I make a custom mood thing that has the sounds for just the low level spells of both classes so that I can play them without swapping back and forth between the two soundsets?

Hi @muklowd,

Ta da!

Also, if you are using Syrinscape on a PC, you can use the 3rd Party Integration to make Windows Shortcus that will trigger the spells without having to navigate to that SoundSet.

Thanks very much! :slight_smile:


Using SS on and off for years. Rather, trying to use it. I have never been able to figure out the Custom Mood thing. Just today I’ve spent an hour Googling (and YouTubing) and the advice I get is enthusiastic but unclear.

I don’t run off-the-rack campaigns so off-the-rack moods don’t fit. Customization is a pro feature that is clearly wanting.

The guy who came up with SS make high-energy, super positive, self-congratulatory videos on the topic … but does not present a step-by-step guide. This is beyond frustrating. And it is why after a few days of flailing about trying to make a sound set for my upcoming game … I end my subscription.

It’s 2020 for crying out loud. Why can’t we have a simple custom sounds aggregator, especially when we are paying to use the program?

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Custom moods are designed to be a quick and simple saves of the current state. they allow you to fire of a series of sounds and save them as a mood.

If you are looking for proper customisation and all of the tools that go with it then you should be using the Creator, which is now part of Syrinscape Online. The Creator allows you to copy and edit our soundsets, build your own soundsets and even import your own music and samples to build from scratch.

Instructions for building and saving Custom moods are found in the Custom Mood soundsets in the app. Just click the ‘i’ Icon at the bottom or the ‘Info’ oneshot and full tutorials for the Creator are on our webpage or found posted here in the forum,

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