Customise your Global OneShots? YES YOU CAN!

Always wanted to be able to Customised the Global OneShots in Syrinscape? Now you can. Grab a SuperSyrin to unlock the full customisability of Syrinscape!


Amazing - this opens up the ability to real-time score my wizard duels at just the right spot in my campaign!

Thanks as always for all your hard work, team.

I’ve gone through this video a couple times. I’m new to Syrinscape and the back and forth between the fantasy player and the online player is confusing. I also only see an ability to add things to global one shots, no way to remove them. I’m only playing fantasy campaigns at the moment so all the sci-fi sounds get in the way and there are too many buttons to manage. How can you remove things from the global one shots?

Global one-shots are ties to certain soundsets, so if you don’t want them to appear as a global one-shot then don’t install the associated soundset. I’ve linked the FAQ post about this HERE, which shows which one-shots belong to which soundset. So for example, if you don’t want gunshots in your global one-shots then don’t install the modern weapons soundset in your Fantasy Player, does that make sense?

And as the video shows if you did want a soundset but not its associated one-shots then you can copy the soundset in the Creator (with a Supersyrin sub) remove the oneshots from the copy and then install the new soundset rather than the original one into the Player

Does that apply to the online player? I just joined and only use the online player. I haven’t installed any soundsets,

Currently, the Online Player shows all of the global one-shots. We are planning to add in ways to hide or remove these from your view but it isn’t something we have gotten around to implementing as of yet :slight_smile:

Did this ever get implemented?