Combined Syrinscape Player


Recently I have found myself using sound effects from both the Fantasy and SciFi players and have found I need to startup and have both players running, then flick between them to play various sounds.

If I am doing that wrong and there is a way to play both fantasy and scifi soundscapes via either player then I apologise, I did not realise that could be done. I’ll research more.

If that isn;t the case, would it be possible to release either a Unified Syrinscape player where there are maybe multiple tabs for Fantsy and SciFi soundscapes, or allow Fantasy soundscape to be imported into the SciFi player (and vice versa)?



I’d definitely be on board for this idea.

If we ever get around to playing a science-fantasy game, then this would save a lot of problems.

That would be awesome. Personally, I’d be satisfied with the option to buy single fantasy sets for use in the SciFi player, but the other options seem viable to.

Yeah I must admit that I really like that the two players are separate and both have different themes but it would be great if we could bring soundsets from one to the other. There are a lot of sounds in the fantasy player that I use in my sci fi games but to use them I have to have both players running and there’s lots of fiddling about. If we could purchase sounds that we could load into either then we could more flexibility in mixing our own moods etc. this would really help out with the Eden Planet and planetary atmospherics that we mentioned in another post :smile:

I think originally there was only one player but I’m guessing they were split as more soundsets became available. Perhaps if we could use the campaign manager to select which player to put the set in?

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I’d really like to see this too. There are just some nuanced scenes that would really benefit from being able to call on scenes from the other player.

I’m adding my vote to have a single player too. Like Caldeth also mentioned, there are lots of sounds from all three players that I like to use in my games, but have to have them all open. To be able to have one player with perhaps three separate tabs for each theme, and/or the ability to copy sounds from one theme to another, would be awesome.

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I would love this, running starwars and there’s just a lot of nice sounds I could use for planetary exploration that the scifi player doesn’t fully cover

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I could very much get behind this idea, considering I have been looking it over, and I know I have seen more interesting scenarios that would combine fantasy and sci-fi in various ways, Or like, wanting to use the mech battle, or using a mech to fight something like a giant dragon or similar creature, so some of the sound sets would be wonderful to carry over, I think a unified Syrinscape would work very well, as I have noticed, at the very bottom of Fantasy, you can still get the shipboard, a nd blaster sound scapes…So I would love access to all the fantasy ones in the sci-fi one, or vice versa, even if you had to download both, but could choose “Hey, import these spesific sound sets from fantasy over to Sci-fi” or vice versa.

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Yes this would be awesome…one player to rule them all!!


I’m running a Steam Punk campaign myself and find myself wanting to use both fantasy and sci-fi, but with two separate players needed it’s a paint.

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Definitely feel that multiple players is too much hassle… A one size fits all player would be better for me as well… Currently writing a campaign that crosses over from modern to fantasy on a weekly basis and can change from one setting to the next mid game…

I too agree. One player would be great.

And me - for both personal and Community Development reasons. A single player would be great - and I wonder at the reasoning behind multiply Players, as the company makes money off of the Soundset Subscriptions, not the players.

I know Ben has said its to do with load on the computer (if I remember correctly), but when I run both the Fantasy and the SF Player with all the Soundsets loaded, I’d actually have less load than with just one player.

I know, I’m the exception/special case :smile:

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Really not a fan of the separate players. Running a wild west campaign on my iPad, thankfully, but if I needed to use a laptop I’d be in a tough spot. Running the game and trying to work multiple players all while trying to keep the narrative momentum going is not my cup of tea.

You know that by now you can just load soundsets from all the players you subscribed to down on one of your players, right? Just use the campaign manager for that.

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You’re right. I spoke too soon. Not everything was downloaded before I started messing around with it.

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Yep exactly what @Heinz said! :slight_smile:

I am new to this Syrinscape game, but from day 1 I find unified player with good filtering panel a must. Many games can take advantage of sci-fi and fantasy elements at the same time.

Syrinscape Online is already combined and allows you to trigger and combine all of the soundsetes. For the Offline Player’'s you can use the Campaign Manager to make soundsets appear in whichever version of the Offline Players you want to use.

More about the Campaign manager HERE :slight_smile:

You can choose to use either the Online or Offline versions of the apps in your games, whichever version better suits your needs

We are also working on improved search/filtering.