Can I use Syrinscape to make sound for my streamed content? (PodCast, Twitch, YouTube ect.)?

Absolutely. If we can help to make your shows awesome that is great for you and great for us!

We do have some simple terms you’ll want to follow if you do. If you follow these guidelines, we’ll never initiate a strike on your content that we’re included in. Keep in mind that we can’t control what Twitch, Youtube, etc. might do on their own. basically, all that we ask is that you;

  1. Use our original artwork and logos, these are available here on the forum
  2. Give us a shout out at some point during the game: eg “Oh, and thanks as always to Syrinscape for the amazing atmosphere and music. Make sure you check them out at You’ve just got to be using it at your gaming table"
  3. List Syrinscape in any promotional posts etc that you put out on your social feeds and the forum about using Syrinscape and make sure to tag us as @Syrinscape and (if you add something unique to the ?att we’ll be able to tell you the clicks that actually came from you)
  4. Use it well. For pro-tips and hints for making the most out of epic sound at your gaming table look here
  5. Most importantly though make sure that Syrinscape and the soundsets that you use are properly credited. To do that put this paragraph in your credits;

“Sound & music by Syrinscape
Because Epic Games Need Epic Sound
Complete list of credits here: (Insert link)”

To generate the credits link, Go to then you just need to follow these steps;

  1. Start typing the name of a SoundSet you want to find and select the one you want from the suggestions
  2. Do step one for each soundset used in the episode
  3. When you are finished hit [SUBMIT]
  4. That link up in the address bar now is the one you can paste in your credits or put into tiny ulr to generate a smaller link

Please note: The sounds Syrinscape makes should not comprise the whole or most of the audio track of your new work (i.e. please don’t just run Syrinscape and post the resultant output so people don’t have to buy the content we have worked so hard to create).

If you need more information or help about using Syrinscape in your streams then contact us at support :slight_smile:

You will be using Syrinscape under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence 3.0. More info here:

Here are some graphics you can use in your broadcast:
Graphics Assets on Dropbox


This article seems up to date but I wanted to make sure since I’m new to this sort of online public venue thing. If me and a group of streamers were thinking of taking our games to “Twitch” which has certain music restrictions such as only non DMCA music I believe? Would Syrinscape be an option that we can utilize in these games broadcasts? I bought the online DM sub in hopes of utilizing it in this manner but wanted to make sure.