Alter "generic" fields in player - RESOLVED

Hey fam! I use the Desktop player for my games (I prefer it to the online player); is there a way to change the section of sounds - I call them the “generic” area.

I took a screenshot, I hope this works:

Any help is appreciated!


The global one-shots cannot be hidden or adjusted at the moment. I recall the devs were planning to introduce something to alleviate the problem, but so far you are stuck with those.

The Global Oneshots are tied to several different SoundSets and when you add those sets, they add to the global oneshots. You can find out more about which sets have which oneshots here; Why do I have only some of the Global OneShots?

If you have a Supersyrin subscription you can also use the Creator tools, which are included in the Syrinscape Online app to set your own Global Oneshots, this thead talks a bit more about that; Customise your Global OneShots? YES YOU CAN!

Making it even easier to alter Global Oneshots is definitely something that we have on our list and is a improvement that we plan to see at some point in the future :slight_smile: