AirPlay Support

What’s the status of AirPlay support for Syrinscape? It appears to be an extremely low priority, which is fairly disappointing - I would have thought it would be relatively straight-forward to integrate with iOS and stream the music to the selected output. I note that it has been something people have asked for, for at least four years:

Unfortunately, none of available workarounds are useful to me. All I want to do is send sound from my iPad to a HomePod / HomePod mini (or a pair thereof), but I think that’s actually impossible at the moment :confused:

Hi @ipsi,

We maaaaay have a solution for you that you can help us test?

If you are keen, reach out directly to me on benjamin at syrinscape dot com and I’ll get you set up. :robot: :hammer:

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I also have Apple equipment - Apple TV, iPad and macMini and I am eager to help you with testing.

Guessing nothing came of this?

So nothing happened here? It’s Mar of '23 and the iOS clients continue to languish. No support for Airplay.
Note that Airplay does work on a Mac - I just don’t want to lug my computer to my in-person game.

I downloaded an app called SOUND. Essentially, it connects to a bluetooth speaker and pushes the sound from my phone to my sonos speaker. This works ok, but there’s a decent delay that makes it somewhat unpredictable. The other down side is that the screen is too small to comfortably control the the player. I imagine an ipad would be better for this. It does have to be a dedicated device that just plays the music though.