AirPlay Support

What’s the status of AirPlay support for Syrinscape? It appears to be an extremely low priority, which is fairly disappointing - I would have thought it would be relatively straight-forward to integrate with iOS and stream the music to the selected output. I note that it has been something people have asked for, for at least four years:

Unfortunately, none of available workarounds are useful to me. All I want to do is send sound from my iPad to a HomePod / HomePod mini (or a pair thereof), but I think that’s actually impossible at the moment :confused:

Hi @ipsi,

We maaaaay have a solution for you that you can help us test?

If you are keen, reach out directly to me on benjamin at syrinscape dot com and I’ll get you set up. :robot: :hammer:

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I also have Apple equipment - Apple TV, iPad and macMini and I am eager to help you with testing.

Guessing nothing came of this?