Apple Airplay 2


When will Syrinscape be compatible with Apple Airplay 2? It seems to be a pretty glaring lacking.


I thiiiiiiiink this might be possible. I’ll put it on the dev list to look at.

Note: There are quite a lot of things on that list, but if it’s on the list it’ll reach the top eventually. :grinning::grin:


That would be excellent. This will allow everyone with equipment like Sonos and an i device to be able to use your service.

Thank you!


New to this app, (and it’s great) but I really need support for AirPlay 2. Without it, it’s making it rather difficult to run a game the way my sound systems are configured. Thanks!

PS, if it could run in the background that would be awesome as well!


I agree. Having to use “system sound” creates too many issues. I hate that it cuts audio when exiting the app which I do often to change lighting situations. And iOS 12 doesn’t allow users to change the system audio unless you are in the app which then wont work right cuz it has to be changed before opening Syrinscape.


Looking at this is on the list… a fair few things ahead of it still… but it’s there on the list. NOTE: the more people ask more insistently for this, the more likely it is to take a jump further up… so don’t be afraid to add you plus one (people reading this now)



I also use Sonos and would love to have Airplay 2 added to the app!


I used to stream Syrinscape to my Libratone Zipp via AirPlay. This is not working anymore since the Zipp got the AirPlay 2 update… :persevere:
I would really appreciate a fix for that.


Another Sonos user here looking forward to Air Play capability :slight_smile: