Support for Airplay in iOS Version of Syrinscape


It would be most useful to be able to use Airplay to send sound from from Syrinscape on my iPad to an airplay speaker.


It does cost $29, but I did find a way to do this… You can read about it here:


Yep we are certainly keen to develop ways to do this for both Airplay and Chromecast etc. and the idea is definitely on our ever growing list. In fact now that we have Syrinscape Online it should actually be easier to implement. in the mean time though @Gwydion has come up with a great solution, definitely follow his link and watch his tutorial! :slight_smile:


Hmmm, interesting. @Gwydion With the tool can you send the sound across WiFi from an iPad to a desktop and then on to the airplay speaker? Because we play across the house from my Desktop computer so doing a wired connection wouldn’t be feasible.


I believe that is the case. The airfoil satellite is the program that sorta turns you pc/laptop into a receiver to be able to use airplay and then the airfoil program (both programs will install when you download airfoil) will allow you to broadcast that signal to any airplay devices in your home that are on the same wireless network as your PC/laptop. You can always download and try it. It will work fine for 10 minutes and then have an audible hiss to let you know it is a trial. I believe that happens each time you start the program.


Actually I do use my iPad and iPhone with Airplay to play the sounds of the lovely Syrinscape to an airplay speaker. I just select the speaker before launching Syrinscape. In addition one needs to check that the iPad/iPhone mute is disabled.

So, from my point of view support for airplay in the iOS version is already there.


I’m having the same problem. Even if I select my HomePod on my iPad as my audio output, Syrinscape still outputs through the iPad speaker. I’ll have to try airfoil.