What are we all playing?


Well It’s the start of a brand new new week so I’m putting in some prep work for my game on Wednesday. What games are we all playing this week? AND have you built any custom sounds for it?

We’re currently playing Star Wars EOTE so I’m using the sci-fi player lots! but have also made up a few custom bits in the Syrinscape SoundSet Creator that I might share as Community content once I’ve got them sounding right :smile:


Savage Worlds all time!!! Weird Wars Rome, a Sword & Sorcery setting of my own and High-Space…

Teaser of my setting (English subtitles available)


I recently wrapped up a campaign of The Strange (Cypher System) and now another guy in our group is running us through Rise of the Runelords. First time I’ve actually gotten to play, as oppose to GM, in years. So now I get the fun of putting together character sound sets and making our PCs sound extra-awesome at the table.


Call of Cthulhu last weekend.

Pathfinder this weekend!



I am currently playing Classic D&D (BECMI) and have been using Syrinscape for a year now, and my players love it! Got another session this Friday night as the party continues to explore Shadowbrook Manor.


Oh wow! I started of with AD&D so have never experienced the earlier versions. That sounds awesome though, old school D&D mixed with Syrinscape sounds! Glad to hear you are all loving it :smile:


I love the video! that looks really good :smile:


Just ran a session of GiantSlayer lastnight…players are absolutely loving the use of your sounds…couldn’t be happier with the ambiance and mood it sets. Thanks!

Running Reign of Winter on the alternating weekends from Giantslayer…that party is loving it too!



Playing in D&D 5e tonight, Lost Mines of Phandelver on Fantasy grounds. Since the DM is new i will pipe in the ambiance…


Pathfinder last week. D&D5 tonight!




Just finished my second Mass Effect campaign leading right into the galaxy wide total war, so on Saturday my players will start their third season, so to speak. Also, there is a Stargate campaign in which I am player, but still responsible for the sound in the background… :wink:


Thanks for your kind words, Steve :slight_smile:


Right now, I run three campaigns week-to-week:

  • Mondays: Savage Worlds with own Stargate sci-fi franchise spin-off
  • Tuesdays: Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords
  • Wednesdays: D&D 5e DragonLance Dragons of Autumn Twilight 3rd ed. adventure with fan conversion to 5e docs

Still have 4 days in the week for more groups, but right now it is a lot of work to make soundsets for Stargate and Dragonlance, prepare convertions and my own adventures.

Lots of FUN!


@ivellios_mirimafea Stargate! <3 I’m working on a Soundset for ours at the moment.


Nice! It’s really hard to find sounds for gates, DHD, kawoosh and so on, but they are on the web. I’ve made my own set with gate travel and use it often.

Still missing sounds of small gliders flybys. Hope will get some soon :slight_smile:


@ivellios_mirimafea Do you know the Gate Simulators? The one that’s working best uses the DHD from Atlantis, but it’s using actual adresses and original sounds. It’s a nice gimmick if you have a windows device at the table. :smile:
These things have been around for a while, and they always made me wonder if the sounds might be okay to use for some sort of semi-official Stargate Set… :wink:


Yeah, I’ve been testing them before Syrinscape age :wink: Problem is… My team is not in SGC, but sort of the lost base of Asgards and most of these soft use all the SGC siren sounds when dialing. But as I said - I put my own sound set for Syrinscape and it works really well. Probably to do semi-official set we would have to create our own sounds that sound similarly to the one from the show.


Interesting setting. We play SG-EU 3, a european version of the american Stargate program, that discovered another Atlantis-like city and tries to reactivate it. We fail a lot. :smiley:

About the sounds - I’m not sure about that. The Gate Simulators use, AFAIK, a lot of original sounds. I guess that’s okay if they’re non-profit, so I thought maybe the same could work for a Stargate set in Syrinscape if it’s community based. But I’m really not that savyy in international copyright law. :frowning:


Well… AFAIK about copyright that could be problematic. If Syrinscape were open to external sets - not hosted on their severs, but rather downloadable and were it could be manually added to it’s directory, such set could stay in the shadow zone. Probably noone would be against it then, but still Syrinscape guys would stay clean. But I understand it’s impossible due to the app monetization model.


Yeah, that’s what I figured. Shame. We could pool resources, though. :wink: