What are we all playing?


I am playing “The Dark Eye” (in German. “Das Schwarze Auge”). It’s a german originated pen&paper role playing game, similar to D&D. It started in the 80s and is still very famous, at least in germany.


Right now I’m running two campaigns - a Pathfinder in the Eberron setting, currently in the cursed magical jungles of Xen’drik where the group is being stalked by evil psychic monsters From Beyond, and a homebrew D&D 3.5 game where the group is currently about to shut down the last of the four elemental gates (earth, this time) in a mysterious desert.


A Deadlands Classic & Deadlands Hell On Earth Classic Saga, and a Star Frontiers Alpha Hawks campaign - both streamed on Twitch on alternate weekends and also permanently on YouTube - just search for Dulux-Oz, you’ll find 'em


5e in my homebrew world