We are excited to announce the Syrinscape Web Player!

It’s official! The cat’s out of the bag! …add immersive audio and music to your TTRPGS right from your browser. Head over to syrinscape.com/WebPlayer/ to learn all about it.


So excited for this. Would love to hear from anyone on the technical team any best practices with voicemeeter, sample rates, latency setttings, etc… For the moment I am trying a number of setups.

Really love it just trying to dial in the best settings for me!

The best news, EVER!

I can’t stress out how often I wanted to run some ad hoc game, or for random players online, or simply for a convention online. Ane every time people resigned when they heard, they would have to install some yet another super duper software on their computers for a full experience.

Buit, no more! This is really a game changer IMO! If this can be embedded I will even find a great another usage for that with my GM online screen tool.

Thank you Benjamin and the team! I feel my subscription has not gone to waste and now I am more motivated to support you further, than ever!


Congratulations. I have resubscribed. This is fabulous. Thank you for listening and bring us exactly what we need to make this work for our games.
Continued success.

PS. Editing error on the adventure. The Blue Coats say they are medium, undead, Lawful Evil. I don’t think that’s right, is it?

I may have missed the obvious, but could you confirm the web player is not meant to work on Safari or on the iPads browser because so far it does not. I have a 2022 iPad and I’m not sure what I would be doing wrong but I guess right now if it’s only for desktop

Hi there,

I have been following this all along, and every time Ben and the team keep outdoing themselves. Just going from one level to the next and totally amazing me.

However I need some help and possibly advice. I am using a 2017 27"iMac, I am using Kenku FM to pipe sound to discord.

Therefore I can open Syrinscape control in a chrome browser, Foundry in another window for the game, Kenku FM in an app for the piping of the sound to discord.

My problem, and this definitely is my problem, but I can’t really afford to do anything about it yet, is that when I play a sound from Syrinscape the CPU load goes off the scale and almost shuts my computer down. :frowning:

Check this out just from D&D Mad Mage Battle Music, this isn’t even a mood, it is just the one track.

Can anyone help with any hints or tips? Please. I NEED Syrinscape in my games. NEED IT!!!

Also, how do you embed a link to play a sound or a mood like you have done in the one shot adventure.

Being able to do that would be perfect, if we can embed the link directly in to Foundry.

That’s correct. I’ll be adding a warning to the player interface when it detects Safari or iOS. Unfortunately Safari and iOS have very strict requirements for user interaction before playing each sound.

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It is not mentioned anywhere in release notes I think, but I found out that now I can play anything directly in the Master Interface without the need anymore to have Syrinscape Online player!!!. Amazing update!!!

I can finally use Kenku FM to have everything I need for sound opened, including Syrinscape Master and control sound from single app and unified interface.

And get redirection with the best discord bot for sound.

Amazing. And link for players also help a lot!

So you have Syrinscape master opened in Kenku?

I’ve had Syrinscape master opened in a chrome browser and a “receiver” opened in Kenku.

Of course, the master plays the sound.

I’ve had the master muted so I can hear it through discord.

Thought I’d share a few updates. I run one a one pc stream. i7-9750H CPU 2601 mhz, 6 Cores. 16 GM Ram. Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 with Max-Q.

So, I’ve been dabbling with the webplayer and had a lot of issues with cutout and static. I tried the following:

Chrome Browser:
Disabling hardware acceleration
Increasing buffer sizes in Voicemeeter
Changing drivers (wdm, mme, etc.)
Changing audio buffer in chrome
Using process lasso to prioritize chrome
Using process lasso to focus on one core for chrome

None of the above seemed to have a measurable impact. Sound wasn’t bad at all but the cutouts/static was noticeable particularly when I played a mood with a lot of elements (like Elements - Horror: Tension Level IV) and tried a oneshot at the same time.

Then I tried Edge browser. Wow. Seems sooooo much better right now. Still testing. The only thing I’ve done so far is turn off hardware acceleration in edge. In VM I have all my inputs/outputs set to 48Khz as that is what syrinscape webplayer seems to use.

I’ve also noticed edge seems to use a LOT fewer resources than Chrome. Still testing but difference so far seems pretty profound. Hope this helps some folks! Love the webplayer!!!

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Interesting. I’ll try it myself right now! :slight_smile:


Can you see my reply above? How do you embed a link to start sound or a mood into another document/webpage/VTT?

I have asked on Foundry and they are saying I should just be able to copy and paste a link from Syrinscape and create a button in Foundry and press the link and the sound should start. Just like in the example one shot you have created.


For anyone interested… Just did a very quick video on the player.


I haven’t used Foundry much in a while so apologies, can’t answer that! I’m sure you’ve tried, but the Foundry discord is super active and you might get a quick answer there? There are a few folks who pop in her from time to time and use Foundry that might be able to answer too.

Thanks however my reply was aimed at Ben who’s answered you but not me.

I’ve contacted Foundry on discord that’s why I’m asking back here about embedding a link to start a sound or mood.

Just getting a bit frustrated on getting help. I’ve tried to leave it for as long as I can for answers. I’m probably just too excited about this. The embedded play buttons on the one shot is exactly what is needed in foundry.

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Got it. I’ll let them respond officially. I know they are at GenCon at the moment. In the meantime it might not be helpful, but it here is a plugin for Foundry that looks pretty useful.


Hey. :slight_smile:

Answered on your stand alone thread.

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