Using SoundsSets with copyrighted sounds


I currently use Syrinscape for a lot of the background ambience and noises in my game, but often switch out to a music playlist for combat encounters. I’ve been playing around with the Sound Set Creator over the last couple of days, and am keen to try to integrate my playlists as a SoundSet to save having to switch between apps at the start of every encounter.

My problem is that the music is not mine, and so if I upload these tracks as part of a SoundSet that is publically downloadable I will be breaking copyright law. I have found an old post (Using soundsets with copyrighted sounds in them - FIXED) that suggests that its not an issue, as until I opt to share my SoundSets they will only be visible to me. However, I have a suspicion that this is no longer the case, and the disclaimer after clicking the Upload button in the SSC seems to support this (ie saying that Syrinscape has rights to share my SoundSets).

Can someone please clarify the above (ie let me know whether the advice in the linked post is still valid) and let me know whether there is any way to use SoundSets offline in the Player - obviously I can just use the SSC as my player to avoid having to upload, but ideally I would like to use the actual Player. Is it possible to export the SoundSets myself and manually import them onto another device (I generally use Syrinscape on my tablet in sessions)?


Yep the above link is still valid, essentially when you upload to our server it’s the same as when you backup a CD to your iTunes library. You are duplicating the music but only you can use it so it still counts as personal use :slight_smile:

We have to put the disclaimer there for legal reasons and because there is always the chance that someone will try to abuse the system and breach copyright


Ahh gotcha. Thanks for the speedy reply!


If you are looking for some battle music I have uploaded a bunch that is royalty free that I could share. I just haven’t cause there is so much other stuff out there I didn’t want to put more into the mix, but it does have quite a bit of range to it.


Yeah, I’d love to check your music out - the more tracks I can get into the playlist, the better!


This does have some music that syrinscape already had (Hell’s) but the rest are ones I uploaded.Battle Music


When I click that link, I see the Campaign and can click “Import into Campaign Manager” - however, when I do, I only get an empty Campaign created. Do you need to share the SoundSets separately?


If the soundsets are created by @davinci522 they have to be shared as community content, otherwise only he can see them, despite him sharing the campaign. :wink:


Would I do that on the soundest creator? I’ve never shared it publicly so not sure how.


@benjamin could you make my soundset “Battle Music (Jhorne)” community content? Everything I have uploaded to it is attribution license with the attribution added to the metadata. I’d like to share it with alexjamesdawes and anyone else that might be interested. It has some interesting videogame music bits in there for that 16-bit retro feel.


Yep we will take a look. As long as everything is attributed properly under Creative Commons then we can happily share it. is all of the video game music CC?


Yeah. All the ones I uploaded were from this website. Wingless Seraph The person creates free to use. At least thats what they say in the paragraph at the top of the page. Thought it was a cool find when I stumbled across it randomly.


@Steve will you update me if this is available as community content or if there is something I need to change/take out to make it so? I’ve never asked for this before so I am not sure what protocol is. I know it was probably on the back burner cause of Gen Con, just curious as to how this moves forward.