Unable to create custom moods



I have the scifi subscription right now. I searched for and found instructions on how to make custom moods in android and those directions don’t work for me.

  1. I start playing a soundset from another pack
  2. I go to custom moods. I click silence and then try and click the + button and its still deactivated.

What am I doing wrong?


Step by step instructions…

  1. Go to custom moods soundset
  2. Start the enigmatic silence element
  3. Go to and activate elements from other installed soundsets WITHOUT clicking a mood
  4. Once everything sounds as you want to, go back to the custom moods soundset and press the plus button to give your new mood a name.
  5. You have just created your first custom mood.



If you are still having trouble send a screencap video of what you are doing? :slight_smile:

We’ll sort you out!